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Unlike any other award show, this year’s The Game Awards was jam-packed with World Premiers and announcements, but the moment that really top all off was a small segment of Josef Fares, CEO of Hazelight and Writer/Director of A Way Out, with host Goeff Keighley, which was downright hilarious and has been already declared as “The Best Moment” out of The Game Awards 2017.

It all started when Geoff Keighley called out Josef to talk about his new upcoming co-op only game A Way Out, where he announced the release date and a free friend trial pass for the same, but it seems like Josef had come to the show for breaking the ice. He talked about serious issue (like EA’s MTX/Loot Crates controversy) casually and also blessed Oscars very politely.

Watch it for yourself:

And here’s how the internet feel about it:





This also led ResetERA community to create a thread dedicated to his off the cuff remark, which has about 530+ posts as of this writing.

This also started off a bunch of reddit posts (on multiple sub-reddits) with active discussions going on. (One on r/gaming, another on r/PS4 and a heck lot more)

Some reddit comments…
The Game Awards
We will be talking about this for AGES to come…

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