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Square Enix’s highly anticipated RPG, Final Fantasy XV, was scheduled for a September 30 release, however, it has reportedly been delayed to November 29, according to numerous reports.

The news was first broke by website Gamnesia. A  source -who “has proven reliable on multiple occasions” – from GameStop management has told them that Square Enix has pushed back the game’s release by two months. Also, promotional materials with a new release date have evidently been arrived at some GameStop stores. Basically they’ve sent out stickers to hide the previous release date with the new one.

Here’s the instructional promotion material arrived at GameStop (via Gamnesia):

Square Enix has instructed the store that these promotional posters – with a new release date – should not go live until Monday, August 15, so you can expect an official announcement  very soon. It’s likely to hit today at midnight.

 Citing Gamnesia’s report the news has since been corroborated by Gematsu and Kotaku. One source told Gematsu that Gamnesia’s report of the game’s delay is “accurate”. 

Additionally, Kotaku’s Jason Schreier has confirmed it through his own separate sources. He also confirmed this from “A second, non-retail source familiar with game”.


Well, it’s alright. There’s no need to pissed off or send death threats on this one, ’cause as far as I know there are ongoing rumors that FFXV is currently in a very bad shape. To shed some light on this one, Square Enix themselves said that they’ve yet to start development on the game’s expansion packs. Also, writing on DLC episodes has not been done yet. So I’m okay with this… What about you?And yeah, two months are enough  for polishing the game.  

Square Enix has choose to keep their mouth shut on the matter and its pointing towards an official announcement in coming…hours?

I’ll update the story whenever something about this pops out, so stay tuned with us.

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