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Ahoy, all survivors in the ARKs! Be ready to finally hit that sweet,sweet fps on that dank PC of yours without losing out on eye-candy, because the community’s most desired change in the game is being finally implemented!

Patch v265.0 brings a horde of optimizations, including GPU and CPU rendering optimizations. The game’s assets have been re-textured to make the game much smoother. The performance gain depends on your PC, though the FPS gain will be substantial on even the worst rig that could run ARK at a playable FPS before the optimization actually hit! Also, one of the most desired animals of the ARK, yet the most feared, the titanboa, is now tameable. The easiest way to tame it, is to use its fertilized eggs  to lure it out of its cover. While it certainly is a very hard tame, taming a titanboa, or if you and your tribe are courageous enough, a pair consisting male and female titanboa, it can prove to be a very valuable tame in the long run. The DirectX 12 mode for Windows 10 has been implemented, resulting in 20% performance gain. The “Boss wars” are imminent, along with more creatures, gear, armor and structures (though this part of the update shouldn’t surprise anyone, all they have been doing was adding content for ages). A random driver crash that occurred while looking at the sky has also been fixed (or so they claim).

Survivors, are you ready to get back into the survival simulation again? Ready for another bout of quarrels, clashes, killing and taming dinos, and farming for huge bases?

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