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Rule Number 83 – Every Guerrilla is a Leader of his own Revolution – Juan Cortez.


Let’s be honest. I have had Far Cry 6’s Dani Rojas as my Instagram DP for the past 4 months. I have been as excited to get my hands on this game as you guys reading this review. Now we’re all here for the big question – Is it worth the buck? Is it well optimized? Is it a copy-paste from the previous franchise? And a lot more. I promise this review will answer 100% at least 90% of all your questions. Ready? Well then, welcome to Yara!


Yara is a tropical paradise with many landmarks, sights and natural terrains which almost feels unreal. But with civilization, comes chaos. Yara was seen as a gold mine of resources by the world and was being heavily exploited by foreign companies. Yarans took things into their own hands and initiated the 1967 revolution which cut off Yara from the outside world.

Ever since Yara has been led by the guerrilla legend Santos Espinosa, until his death which called for a national election. Making promises to make Yara the most powerful nation in the world, Anton Castillio was elected as the leader who now, runs the country as an extreme nationalist with the intent to take back Yara to what it was 50 years ago, when Anton’s father ruled the country.

This is where you come into the picture. You play as Dani Rojas, who wants to escape the extreme dictatorship and flee to Miami. But not everything goes according to plan and you’re the next target of Anton and his soldiers who are breaking every single door in Dani’s neighbourhood and wreaking havoc.

Luckily Dani has a Libertad friend, who led her through the 1967 secret guerrilla routes spread across Yara to safety. But things don’t go as planned, the boat which Dani uses to escape is raided, everyone gets killed, except Dani. Lita, in her dying words, pleads Dani to find Libertad because she knew, Dani is the lucky one.


Once a Guerrilla, always a Guerrilla

Let’s cut things short. The protagonist having a personality in a Far Cry game is a first. And this has been done without any compromises. By the end of the game, you’ll grow attached to many characters but more importantly, you’ll be able to understand how Dani thinks and the reason behind all of her decisions.

Dani isn’t the only character you’ll be connecting well with. There are a number of characters that you’ll meet in the game and build your relation from scratch. Making things work with them will not be so easy, you will first have to prove yourself useful and loyal and only then people will join Libertad for a revolution against Anton Castillio.

Which brings us to the question: how well do these missions play out? Surprisingly, the game starts out a bit slow, off the pace but picks up after a few hours in the game. There is back to back action, amazing screenplay, music and a lot of elements put together which of course adds value to the game’s re-playability. Level progression is quite easy to understand and definitely not a grind. Even if you stick only to the story and avoid all side quests and activities, you can still end the game without a lot of difficulties.

Right off the start, you may find stuff like stealing supply drops, and chests which might throw you off, but those are 100% optional. If you want to modify your weapon which will suit your playstyle only then you need to hunt few resources that are very easy to find and sometimes even fun. Each chest will have unique weapons or gear so that your effort doesn’t go to waste. A lot of these chests include signature weapons that are in crocodile themed boxes. These weapons are a bit tricky to find but definitely worth the effort.

Talking about weaponry, Resolver weapons and Supremo are your best friends. Making them a habit might be a bit tricky for Far Cry players, but using them wisely will give you the best experience. There are tons of resolver weapons to wield but the discos locos will still be on the top of the list. Yes, just for the Macarena song (Looking at you, Bossman).

The most important tip that I’d recommend you, is to equip the backpack (Supremo) that suits your playstyle. If your weaponry lacks explosive aspect, having the first RPG Supremo (Exterminador) is good. If you don’t like getting detected and facing reinforcements, or you’re facing a lot of tanks and vehicles – having the EMP Supremo (Volta) is your best option. Personally, I love the adrenaline surge one, which basically puts you in a rush with 200% HP and increased speed to allowing you to engage in back to back close quarter combat. And oh boy, is it a treat for players like me who like trust their blades more than rifles!

Lastly, choose the right Amigo. I know Chorizo is adorable, and you can’t resist him. But you need a friend who can fight an army, not make cute dog noises. Your best option? Guapo. The crocodile that you’ll get first as an Amigo is a badass, aggressive combat companion. It even goes underwater with you to protect you against sharks or other crocodiles and even piranhas. Also, Guapo can literally RKO enemy bulldogs. No clue what Juan has been teaching (or feeding) Guapo, but not only does he complete the job, he does that with a fervour of an employee looking for a raise.

Another Amigo that you should check out is Boom Boom. He is the dog from Far Cry 5 known as Boomer: Hank shipped him in a container with weapon supplies, and he is the perfect stealth buddy you need. He can take down unaware enemies, mark items and POI, and most importantly fight like a champ during open fights.

Ready, Jefa?

Far Cry 6 has nailed every single pointer for the storyline. It provides a story that is believable and realistic, but still horrifying enough to be a Far Cry game. Dani having a personality is the right step forward, and having only the good things from the past games from this franchise is once again a perfect decision by Ubisoft.

Performance-wise, it is neither A1 nor too bad. The game is heavily demanding on VRAM and is definitely meant to be played with HD Textures for all the eye-candy (which again requires a lot of VRAM). Hitting 60 FPS on even Cards like 2080 was a bit troublesome, but hopefully, the Day 1 patch and the little patches in between give a better performance. And yes, the RTX doesn’t make a lot of noticeable differences. So don’t worry if you aren’t playing with RTX hardware.

While the cutscenes lacked details and looked pretty average from what Ubisoft is known for, the actual gameplay has been surprisingly quiet well. It offers multiple biomes, including islands, lush green jungle, swamps and even big farmlands. Overall, the graphics is not one of the best, but definitely a great job.

The special mention here would be the music direction which Ubisoft has a great record of. You’ll fall in love with the atmosphere it creates during different situations and even while listening to the radio, you can see Dani singing along which once again is a very small yet fun detail to the game.

The gunplay is phenomenal and definitely better than the previous games. Supremo and resolver weapons are insane! Overall, Far Cry 6 is great in terms of action and gameplay.

Wrapping things up, we think Far Cry 6 is a solid 8.5. This might be a bit questionable, but definitely worthy once you get through the game. If we just look at the story, we have a good 30 hours of gameplay, but there are many-many things apart from stories, including ancient treasures, a secret Indiana Jones crossover, Stories of Yara and a lot of military setups and HQ’s to capture.

Far Cry 6 is a next-gen title with insane visuals that border the realm of reality. With that said, you can only enjoy those high-fidelity graphics with a powerful enough rig. Only the best gaming PC is capable enough to output high frame rates at 4K FPS. Thankfully, with the MVP, you can build your own PC and gain access to the best components out there which’ll take your gaming experience to the next level.

I can’t wait to see you in Yara and listen to how you feel about it. Until then, Viva Libertad!

Far Cry 6 releases on October 7 for PC (Epic, Ubisoft Connect), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S & Google Stadia.

Check out their extensive post-launch roadmap here!

Disclaimer: A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for review with no riders.


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