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It’s time for another one in Far Cry 6’s Become The Villain DLC Trilogy: and in this one we are diving into the past of Pagan Ming! Far Cry 4’s famous tyrant has a past of his own, that nobody knows. His thoughts and the events that led up to the events of Far Cry 4 are all quite well expressed in the DLC. But it is an entirely different thing to become the one you spent an entire game trying to kill!

Farcry 6 DLC 2 Control Pagan Ming

Using Far Cry 6’s modern rendering capabilities, Kyrat has never looked more beautiful! In this DLC, we get the chance to see Kyrat from Pagan’s eyes. The map is scattered with memories and pasts of Pagan Ming. Things which he hated the most and wishes to forget, and things he holds dear so much, that it is impossible to let go. The Pagan: Control DLC answers many questions and voids left open by Far Cry 4. And by the end, we are left to figure out by ourselves: was Pagan the real evil? Or was he just trying to build a happier place?

Similiar to the first DLC of the series, which was based upon Vaas, the infamous Far Cry 3 antagonist, this DLC is set in a rogue-lite format. You spend the entire run scavenging an arsenal that suits you, Trials that make your survival easier and memories to get a conclusion and be with your family again. You can choose 5 different mind levels, each with rising difficulty levels. A single run will last only one session. If you wish to save your progress, you can save your inventory but lose mission progress. An average run on lower mind levels lasts around 1 – 1.5 hours.

FarCry 6 DLC Control

Pagan’s Kyrat

In the Pagan: Control DLC, you will visit Kyrat all over again, but this time it’s different. You will be landscaping Kyrat that Pagan imagined and built to be – A land of enormous strength and power. From the golden path covered in rangoli to the ghosts that are a shape of your own tyranny, you will be faced with constant threats. The setting of the game is fresh and entirely different from what Far Cry 6 is often criticized for. Instead of your classic outpost clearing, you’re spreading chaos, struggling to survive and relive the memories of the tyrant that made him capable enough to be a Far Cry Villian.

The game follows a day and night cycle, with ghosts spawning at nights keeping you on your toes all the time. It is best to run, and complete your objectives before things get off your hands. However, that does not mean you don’t stop and smell the roses. After all, the game is set in the lands of the gods themselves. But the real chaos lies in the violence you spread all across the map. No matter how peaceful it looks, your fingers will always be on the trigger. You will be painting Kyrat red all over again, trying to be a good person.

It’s too Late

Pagan Ming was a careless man, that hungered power and lived on violence. He was a fighter from when he was born and wanted to have control over everything. While everything and everyone was almost under his control, there was one thing which he couldn’t control – himself. But then, he found Ishwari, who was originally the wife of Mohan Ghale. He then finally saw things differently, cared about people and learned how to love. But what he held the closest to himself was constantly threatened and eventually taken away from him.

Far Cry 6 DLC Pagan Ming - Control


And this is when the Tyrant finally lost control and burned everyone that came across him, hoping to change things back, and bring his loved ones back.

Fight like a King

Similiar to the mechanics of the first DLC – Insanity, you will get many skills that you can equip. Also, you can get permanent upgrades that allow you to sustain more bullets and give out more damage. Allowing you to get fighting in the higher Mind Levels. Or if you just want to experience the story and memories, you can always change the difficulty to Story Mode from the preset Action Mode.

Far Cry 6 DLC Pagan Ming - Control

Getting golden skills are actually the most important, these include poisoning enemies on headshots, healing your back on takedowns, Takedown from the front and more. Smartly using these abilities depending upon your playstyle is most crucial and only then, you will be making it back allowing you to earn the rewards. The rewards include the full Pagan Ming outfit that you can wear in the Far Cry 6 Campaign.

The Verdict

Concluding the review, Pagan: Control is a fantastic DLC. It offers an entirely different environment, that is unique to itself. It adds more depth to people who previously enjoyed Far Cry 4. The game looks stunning on higher graphics and next-gen consoles. The gameplay feels smooth, fast and action-filled at all times. Although, we do think that there could be more memories or events from Far Cry 4 for Pagan’s eyes that we saw as Ajay. You can play the DLC on co-op even if one of you owns the DLC.

Far Cry 6 DLC Pagan Ming - Control

We proudly give the DLC a 9/10. We highly recommend you dive into the DLC, hopefully with a friend, on 11th December.

Disclaimer: Code received from Ubisoft for review with no riders.

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