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Far Cry 6 DLC: Insanity is finally here and it couldn’t have been done better. The hype for the trilogy of the DLC has been around since the announcement of the game, and finally, we had the opportunity to experience what the DLC had to offer. And ironically, the entire plot of the game is the famous dialogue from Far Cry 3.

Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact… same fu*king thing… over and over again expecting… shit to change.

Welcome to Vaas’s Mind Map

Let’s be honest, I expected this DLC to contain linear stories that made the famous Farcry 3 villain so crazy. But this DLC is a little bit more than that. The Insanity DLC is a Roguelike format set around Vaas’s mind, where he is captured/controlled by Citra and needs to escape his mind. The DLC has 5 mind levels, each with increasing difficulty. You need to start with Mind Level 1 to progressively unlock the rest of the mind levels, to face the hardest and most realistic experience. While the rewards are Vaas’s clothes, they don’t make much sense in a 90% first-person game.

Far Cry 6 Insanity DLC

Your objective is to obey Citra and find the 3 pieces of the dagger scattered at 3 different ends of the map. The Map is relatively tiny and perfect for a DLC like this. Across the map, you will face trials, challenges, memories and other threats. All this, and only 1 little problem: you only get 1 life. Once you are dead, you lose progression, cash, abilities, and have to give it another shot. By another shot, I mean going at over and over and over again and expecting things to change.

Why is everyone in my mind, trying to kill me?

Who is the Real Villain?

This DLC lets you be Vaas for a change. Be the biggest Farcry villain that the world is crazy about. While you spend your sweet sweet time exploring Vaas’s mind that is killing everyone and especially Jason Brody for the 100th time, you can also witness Citra’s desperation to control Vass’s mind and him her warrior.

Being the good brother he was, he listened to Citra, got his hands bloody for the first time because of Citra but chose not to become her warrior. He knew what Citra was capable of and what could happen if he were to be his warrior, and hence chose to abandon her. But then came Jason Brody who became Citra’s warrior, killed everyone who came in between and killed Vaas, only to please and do what Citra told him to do. And that left me pondering the question – What If…

And that’s pretty much it! While I did clear the first mind level and escape it, Vaas says that he feels something is missing and needs to dig deeper. It obviously means that there is something more to be explored, but hey – easier said than done! You need to spend and grind your permanent perks before you can take risks of exploring more than you’re supposed to in higher mind levels. So if you find something, do let us know!

Apart from that, there isn’t a lot to say about this DLC, since the graphics are more or less quite stunning, the gunplay and mechanics are totally the same but it’s the experience and the way you play this DLC that is different from the main game.

There are various things that could’ve been done better which includes better platforming. The weaponry could’ve been better and weird (Similar to FARCRY 5 Mars DLC weapons) since it’s Vaas’s mind, a supremo replacement could’ve been in the DLC instead of taking it away completely, and more situations from Vaas’s perspective could’ve been added into the game.

While the DLC lacks a few things here and there it does a great job of offering players a different playstyle where they need to consider the risk/reward factor. Vaas’s lines are amazing and completely nails the feel of the game. Trails and challenges are a bit tough right from the start, but rewarding as well.

As someone who recently got into Roguelites and Roguelikes, this DLC has been a treat to go through. While a lot of you may not find it as exciting especially for casual players, this DLC will be more enjoyable to seasoned players who are good at gunfights.

The Insanity DLC ponders the question of who the real villain is, putting you in a very unique experience. The DLC lacks a few things here and there but does an amazing job converting the game into a Roguelike experience. We give this DLC a solid 8/10 for keeping our expectations up high.

Lastly, we would like to thank Ubisoft and all the people who entrusted us with having the first hands-on experience. We really respect and appreciate it.

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