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The last planned DLC and the final content for all Season Pass Holders, DLC 3 releases tomorrow, 8th February 2022. Similar to the Insanity and Control DLC’s, where you played as Vaas and Pagan Ming respectively, this time you will become Joseph Seed.

Far Cry 6 DLC 3 Collapse
Far Cry 6 DLC 3 – Collapse

If you have played the past DLC’s you can skip this part. Just like the other two DLC’s the game is set in a Roguelite format. You are stuck in the mind of Joseph Seed, fighting against the villain inside, fighting to gain freedom and follow your own thoughts. The map is a scattered memory of your past and truth. You will find WTF missions, where you can recall your memory, special Trials which are generally hard but will grant you generous rewards, Armory challenges since you are stripped off of your weapons and finally the core missions. All of the objectives are mostly optional and you can choose to only attempt the core missions. However, it is recommended that you do the armoury challenges to get weapons that will up your chances of survival.

I would personally recommend you to perform all the Memory missions since they have been designed perfectly and will give you a good insight into Joseph’s Past, present and maybe future. While Vaas still remains the best boss in the Far Cry franchise, Joseph Seed is still the most villainous antagonist that people want to know more about.

The Best in All Three

Since I played the first DLC, I absolutely fell in love with the way Ubisoft has decided to do these DLC’s. It makes sense, is an absolute fun playground for the Villains and reflect more on the character themselves. However, the third DLC fulfils the factors that make it the best amongst all three.

Starting with of course the Sound Design. Far Cry 5’s music and scores are honestly the best in the entire franchise as well as compared to all the other games, it has its own special place. As expected, the OST’s have been transitioned into the DLC as well in the best way we could’ve asked for. While fighting, exploring and just visiting a safe house there is a different mood and a piece of perfect music to compliment it. The entire narrative of Farcry 5 had a big part played by the Sound Design, and in this DLC, you can enjoy that all over again.

The DLC also incorporates a darker and more violent theme this time. The enemy AI takes more cover than usual and will constantly throw projectiles to throw you out of cover. Instead of fighting the free people of Montana like you once were, this time you are fighting your own followers who feel betrayed, who have lost the trust they once put upon the father. The level design is by far the best and features either cursed or blossoming lands.

Although it does take some inspiration from the newly released Rainbow Six Siege Quarantine, it still fits perfectly as is if you’re the one who can cleanse anyone of their sins.

Oh God, Forgive me for I Have Sinned

The DLC’s do not make you feel lonely since you always have a narrator with you. Previously you had Citra, the tyrant of Pagan and this time, can you guess it? Yes, the god himself. The god who speaks to the Father, who shows Joseph the light is all real.

Well.. Its just an Imaginary God that Joesph has is his mind….. Or is it?

Moving on, Joseph is presently in the same Bunker where Far Cry 5 ended. And this your mind is being tortured daily by your failures, family and those who you left behind and how Joseph failed to protect his people.

He only cares about his family and protecting them, he only wanted to save all the people who followed him but now is the deepest guilt and regret that he is the only one that made it out alive.

And as for his family, he only wanted to protect them but the only way he can be with them again is when he dies.

The setting of the DLC is perfect, it almost put you in the exact spot where Joseph wants to fix all his mistakes but can’t really change the man he is.

The End of the World

The Collapse DLC for Far Cry 6 is a great combination of Mindless Shooting, on the brink of Survival and Looking back at what went wrong. The ability of co-op once again is a great addition to a format like this, giving a better challenge and a better chance at making it out alive. Having its own flaws of being highly repetitive in terms of objective after a few runs, it does allow you to increase difficulty with 5 different levels.

With exceptionally great visuals, a mind-blowing audio score, and a brilliant character to play with, the Collapse DLC deserves a score of 9/10. The DLC releases for all platforms on January 8, 2022, for all Season Pass owners.

Thank you to Ubisoft for allowing us at Gameffine to get an early chance to review the DLC.

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