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Ubisoft recently announced Far Cry 5’s first post-launch DLC content, Hours Of Darkness, will be releasing on June 5th for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Hours Of Darkness will put players in Hope County’s Wendell “Red” Redler’s shoes, “who must find and rescue his fellow squad members from hostile forces during the Vietnam War”.

Hours Of Darkness is playable in solo or online co-op mode and brings players from Montana to a war-torn Vietnam “where they must rescue imprisoned squad mates, wreak havoc on the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese Army, and fight to get back home”. The update will also incorporate new gear and abilities along with two playable modes which will be unlocked after Hours Of Darkness’ completion: Survivor Mode, providing players with a limited loadout for a more challenging playthrough, and Action Movie Mode, which literally delivers over-the-top action.

Players will additionally be given access to new Vietnam-themed assets for map building purposes in Far Cry Arcade available on May 24th. That, and all future theme-based DLC assets will be added to Arcade for free to all players.

Ubisoft further details Far Cry 5’s post-launch content which will apparently resume with two new DLCs – Lost on Mars and Dead Living Zombies – to be released this year in July and August, respectively.

Far Cry 5: Hours of Darkness can be purchased as a standalone DLC or if you’ve already purchased Far Cry 5 Season Pass or Gold Edition you’ll be getting it for free, of course.

We called Far Cry 5 “an above average performer” in our review. Here’s a small excerpt from our review of Far Cry 5 (check out the full review here):

For people who are looking for a game with a mediocre story, some amazing graphics and a bit repetitive but innovative gameplay (for a Far Cry game), it is probably worth a buy. For others, there are always better options.

Far Cry 5 is an action-adventure FPS developed and published by Ubisoft. It is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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