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If you’re one of the many players of Counter Strike : Global Offensive, chances are rare that you haven’t seen players play with skins on their weapons. Yes, the modification of the look of the guns – that’s a skin, and if you’re starting out, then you might feel cut out from the community, most of whom possess colorful skins,bought either from the market, or from other sites like OPSkins and BitSkins, some of the more popular sites where you can purchase skins for weapons in exchange for real world money. But they also charge a hefty amount which adds their profit as well as taxes, which means you would be spending quite a bit more than what you were supposed to be spending.

If you’re stuck thinking about Steam and Facebook groups, where scammers are always ready to strip you of your hard-earned cash, worry no more! EzPz Skins is here to help you get your dream skins, at the lowest prices possible, with a variety of skins to suit the average Joe trying to customize the look of his guns in Counter Strike : Global Offensive.

Counter Strike : Global Offensive’s item economy is a notorious one, having spread out over the years, to take the form of gambling sites, betting sites, and even sites that you can buy skins from. Items play a big part of the game. The psychological attachment people feel to their skins, and the fact that people still believe and fight over skins as an equivalent of skins in the game is primarily what keeps the economy alive. Skins are implemented as microtransactions, and people continue fighting over whether they are needed or not, whether they are bad or good. However, it is true that people do buy skins for showing off to other players with default skins,  the “swag” of the players increasing with the value of the skins in their collections, with knives and gloves being the most coveted ones, and incidentally, the reason for the existence of scammers.

And here is how EzPz Skins is trying to pitch in and do their part. Their prices are much lower than that of traditional sites like OPSkins and BitSkins, as they do not charge tax, and their prices are even 10% lower than that of the Steam market. Moreover, they have a large number of payment methods, ranging from traditional debit and credit cards, to PayTM as well as PayPal. Once payment is done, you receive a trade offer instantly, with the contents of your order in it. In case anything goes wrong, you are free to chat with the support, who is glad to help you solve your issue. The best part about EzPz Skins? The prices in it are in Indian rupees, and not in dollars or euros, which means that customers can get the skins for a much lesser price than on international sites.

EzPz Skins is one of the Indian sites which you can use to add to your Counter Strike Global Offensive inventory safely and cheaply.

That’s another guy who is trying to do something for the community, which is considerably large in India, thanks to the popularity of Counter Strike : Global Offensive in India. Congratulations, Shivam Kathpalia (he’s the mastermind behind EzPz Skins), and we at Indiannoob hope that EzPz Skins grows even bigger, and caters to a wide international community, in the future! (as long as Counter Strike : Global Offensive itself doesn’t die)

This is the original link to the site (any other link might be a phishing link, so be careful) : https://ezpz-skins.com/



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