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With the increasing popularity of Rainbow Six : Siege as a decent esport, and increased participation of Indians in the same, more organizers are showing an interest in hosting tournaments for Rainbow Six : Siege. Evolve Gaming Lounge, a premium gaming cafe in Bhubaneshwar, is hosting a Rainbow Six : Siege tournament on March 17.

The tournament boasts of goodies worth 10000 INR as part of the prize pool, but winning or becoming a runner-up isn’t the only to get yourself a goodie and a pat on the back. For every clutch, and every 200 IQ game-changing play, you net yourself a special gift! The top teams get to dine in the best restaurants in the city. Also, all spectators and players are guaranteed food coupons. The spectators can get snacks and beverages of their choice from counters, and enjoy watching the match on a 50 inch screen.

Interested players can sign up for the tournament here. The registration fee for every participating team is 600 INR. If anyone doesn’t happen to find enough teammates to play with, they can register and find themselves a player from the pool of participants (120 INR is the registration fee for each person). The best part? No one needs to carry a laptop, or gaming accessories – the cafe will provide the best gear possible to the participants for the tournament.

If you’re in Bhubaneshwar on March 17, you’ve got reason to be excited.

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