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Have you ever wondered, whether how you would look if you were on the cover of a video game. Well thanks to Bethesda, now you can.

The Evil Within Photo App allows you to put your face on the cover of The Evil Within! Create custom box art or a horrifying profile pic while you wait for the release of new survival horror game from Bethesda.

A look at what you can do in the app
A look at what you can do in the app

Think of it like a horror instagram app. You can add blood, wires and what not to make your selfie or your friend’s pic as horrific as possible. And then share them on social media. If you are into that.

If you are an Android Nerd, you can download the app from Google Play Store here.
If you are an i-Bot, the app can be downloaded from the App store here.
If you are a Facebook addict, check out the app right here.

Also, just in case you needed any more reason to buy Evil Within. Games The Shop have announced that any pre-order for the orginal game will be upgraded to the Limited edition for no extra cost.

This is a big deal, because Limited Edition normally comes at double or even triple the price of the actual game; so this is a discount worth considering.

The Limited Edition packs, quite a few bonuses too:

  • A full copy of the game (Duh!!)
  • A 3D Lenticular Art card
  • Sebastian’s Diary – Featuring imagery from the game
  • The Fighting Chance Pack which includes the following:
    —    A Medical Kit
    —    Poison Agony Bolt
    —    Double Barrel Shotgun and Three Shells
    —    Incendiary Agony Bolt
    —    Green Gel


Even though sometimes the statues and art etc that come with the game are awesome, Gamers normally refrain from buying the Limited Editions because of their price points. However this offers really provides us with an oppurtunity to buy some collector’s stuff as a bonus.

The Evil Within releases on 14th October, 2014 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

You can pre-order and upgrade to the Limited Edition on Games The Shop, here.

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