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ESL India announces the first official community tournament for Rainbow Six : Siege and Rocket League. A former announcement had promised the many players of Rainbow Six : Siege and Rocket League about the probability of full-scale tournaments in the future, and now the date of the first community tournament has been confirmed to June 8,2018.

The Community Cups are part of ESL India’s initiatives to support and develop esports at a grassroots level. This tournament series will provide a perfect platform for novice and veteran gamers to test out their skills. The ESL India – Community Cups does not feature any prizes and is a free to play tournament.

“These two games are very popular in the country, unfortunately, there are not many tournaments for dedicated players to evaluate their skills. This is where the ESL India Community Cups enters and provides gamers with a common competitive platform. Here they can match up against the top teams in the country and region while also preparing for future tournaments. I would invite all Rocket League and Rainbow Six players to register, play and enjoy! This is just the beginning as ESL India plans to organise tournaments for other esports titles in the coming months.” said Vishal “Arrow” Gupta, Director of League Operations, ESL India.
Rainbow Six : Siege is to be played in the 5v5 competitive format, and Rocket League is to be played in the 3v3 competitive format. For registrations, please visit here (for Rainbow Six : Siege) or here (for Rocket League). Registrations close on June 8,2018, so be sure to register before that!
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