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Explore chromatic biomes as you confront evil and make friends along the way. Slash through fungi foes in a luminescent forest, muddle masked enemies in massive mansions, and investigate an intricate labyrinth to unlock the Queen’s Castle.

Prepare to face adversaries big and small, from jiggly jesters to ferocious flora and fauna. Level up and unlock new abilities, purchase health-regenerating potions, and powerful explosives to aid in battle. But it’s not all about fighting. Solve puzzles and fulfill quests for the eccentric citizens cheering on Ravenlok’s challenging mission. Each successful quest brings you one step closer to taking down the malevolent monarch and fulfilling the prophecy.

Get ready to embark on an extraordinary journey through a magical realm with Ravenlok, the latest creation from Cococucumber, renowned for their remarkable voxel art style. Immerse yourself in the darkly stunning world, where fascinating creatures and gorgeous 3D pixels infuse Ravenlok’s dreamlike fable with a modern flair. An orchestral original soundtrack accompanies this visually cinematic experience; rendered in crisp 4K resolution at 60fps, and fully optimized for the Xbox Series X.

“Ravenlok is our fantasy playground, a realm to reimagine classic fairy tales,” says Vanessa Chia, Game Director at Cococucumber. “We hope that Ravenlok captures your imagination and inspires infinite possibilities as you embark on an epic journey through these magnificent worlds.”

Ravenlok is out now on Xbox Series X|SXbox One, and Epic Games Store (PC) for USD $24.99. It is available with Xbox Game Pass day one. In addition to the game’s release, two charming hat pack add-ons are available for purchase: a Curious Medley Hat Pack and an Oddly Satisfying Hat Pack, to satiate your head adornment needs.

To learn more about Ravenlok, enter Cococucumber’s official website, and follow the studio through the realms of TikTokTwitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

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