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Theres been a load of movies released based on famous video game titles like the 2 hitman movies, max payne, mortal kombat, tomb raider, prince of persia, tron and the list goes on…..

With Movies like assasins creed and warcraft coming up, there’s a ton of other games that gamers like us would like to see on the big screen……



Probably the most amazing trilogy to have been made in the field of gaming, rivaling the magnificence of star wars itself, the movie (if created by the right hands) would be pretty epic. The game revolves around the adventures of Shepard (a pretty badass protaganist fit for a movie if you ask me) and his crew around the galaxy. And maybe the ending that they depict in the movie would be considered canon. We can all hope, can’t we?



The franchise is probably at it’s peak with Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, being declared as game of the year by many critics all over the globe. Geralt is probably one of the most badass protagonists ever and the game probably has some of the most beautiful characters ever, in the form of Yennefer of Vengenberg, Triss Merigold and Ciri. Wild Hunt is one formidable enemy and almost all monsters are fit for any movie based on this franchise. The story is no less epic. The only thing missing is the touch of Hollywood.

and then there's this guy
and then there’s this guy



The Portal games are puzzlers about using the environment and your portal gun to pass through the levels. If A movie about a mute lady taking on a monstrous AI with the help of a gun that makes portals to help her escape the testing facility doesn’t sound cool enough, then god knows what does!



Gears of War is already half a movie if you ask me. It has everything an action movie can ever hope for. A bad-ass anti hero, an on-going war which humanity is losing, a group of brother in arms, and some pretty huge and ugly enemies. Epic (the developers) even did half of the work, by putting in some excellent dialogues and some top of the line cut-scenes. Imagine that last cut-scene where Fenix and Dom are fighting off the Locust as the screen fades to black..Wow..goosebumps.

That's a HELL of a gang hes got
That’s a HELL of a gang hes got


The stage is set in 1960. Jack is a passenger on a plane that goes down in the Atlantic Ocean. Being the ONLY survivor, he reaches a nearby lighthouse with a bathysphere terminal that takes him to Rapture, a massive underwater city forged by the personal dreams of Andrew Ryan (The Antagonist of the story) to escape from the political, social and religious anxieties of a post-World War II world, where he takes on an army of genetically modified freaks of nature to take down the monstrous Andrew Ryan! If the story sounds so good, imagine how cool a movie on it would be!

A pretty badass genetically modified monster you have to take down in the game!

Did we miss out on any game? Let us know the games you were looking forward to in the comments below!

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