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Ahhh the old PSP…..a piece of every gamer’s childhood….this little handheld device was the first of its kind, delivering console level graphics (for that era atleast) at the very palm of your hand (well,both of your hands).

There’s been tons of games that hit the spotlight for their magnificence, for example god of war, daxter, GTA,metal gear solid, kingdom hearts, Star wars The force Unleashed, the battlefront series, DBZ, final fantasy, and the list goes on.

But there are quite a few amazing games which only a few people have played, and not many people know about…..

Gladiator Begins


Prequel to Colosseum: Road to Freedom, Gladiator Begins is a story set in Rome about a slave (the character you create) sold to a lanista (someone who buys slaves, and trains them to become gladiators). You can choose your weapons: swords, hammers, spears, small and large shields, heavy knuckles or (my favorite) bladed knuckles. Your player slowly ranks up and gains fame across Rome, and the game has multiple endings depending on the path you choose for your gladiator. Beat powerful gladiators and take off their armor in battle, or disarm them for their weapons to earn them for yourself! If you still have a PSP, then Gladiator Begins should be the first game you’ve got to try out!

Valkyria Chronicles 2 & 3


Though the first part came out on the PlayStation 3, the 2 sequels released on the PSP and I absolutely loved it! The games animation resembles that of an anime, which makes sense as the game was made in Japan. It comprises a unique tactical turn based combat system where you control the character in your squadron whom you choose to move, and you can attack or take cover according to the situation. With amazing stories, super cool upgrades and badass boss fights, this one is definitely a must-play for all PSP owners!

Phantasy Star Portable 1 & 2


The series is set in the GURHAL system, with your created character, who is ultimately tasked with saving the galaxy from the invasion of the SEED: evil life forms who try to destroy everything in sight. The game is a Japanese based Role Playing Game with an awesome story, and the gameplay is extremely addictive! If you’re a fan of RPGs then this is one game you should definitely add to your list.

SOCOM US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 3


SOCOM FB 3 is a cover based third person shooter in which you play as Calvin “WRAITH” Hopper, leading a SEAL team in a covert operation in a matter of national security to track down and interrogate former KGB agent, Vasyli Gozorov, who is believed to be withholding information on a forthcoming attack with weapons of mass destruction. The game had the best graphics I’ve seen on a PSP, and the ability to control your SEAL team to coordinate your attack comes in pretty handy. That’s not all, the pre-mission gun customization screen is the biggest plus point of the game, and once you play it, you wont regret it!



Originally released for the XBOX 360 and PS3, the PSP edition was released shortly after. Split/Second is a Racing game with the unique ability to control the environment, and to use it to take out other racers in order to emerge victorious! I’m not really a fan of racing games, but after playing S/S, I got hooked onto it! It’s a total must-play for racing gamers!

Syphon Filter

The Syphon Filter series is a stealth based third person shooter which involves an agent, Gabriel Logan on a mission to prevent the activation of a mysterious biological weapon by the name of “Syphon Filter”. Navigate your way past enemies with a diversity of cool gadgets you can use. As a fan of stealth based games, I personally loved the series, and would recommend it to other fellow stealth fans.

Undead knights

You play as a zombie creating overlord and get to convert your enemies into zombies…….cause KILLING zombies is too mainstream! The game begins with you getting to choose your character with three options: Romulus Blood, Remus Blood and Sylvia Gradis, each with their own separate weapon sets. You can choose the kind of gruesome death you wish to deliver to your enemies or simply drain their souls and turn them into zombies who fight for you with the press of a single button! The sight of your enemies cowering and running away on seeing your undead army is sure to bring a sinister smile to your lips!


How many of these hidden gems have you played? Any PSP game that you enjoyed and we should know about. Let us know and more in the comments below.

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