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It’s been an eventful journey, but Paragon’s existence will finally come to an end. There have been discussions on Epic Games’ plan to shut it down for long, since it could not bring in enough dividends for Epic Games to continue to support its existence. The axe was brought down slowly, yet in a painful way – Paragon will officially close down on April 26.

If you made any in-game purchases in Paragon,you’re liable for a refund. You need to link your Epic account if you’re playing on a console, or if you’re playing on a PC, directly request for a refund here. The refund is issued by Epic themselves, and every cent or dime spent on Paragon will be given back to you. The blog post ends with a profound apology for not being able to live upto the expectations of the players who invested valuable time (and money) in Paragon.

Epic’s blog post reads :

“Hey Everyone,

It’s with heavy hearts we’ve decided to close down Paragon.

We truly appreciate everything you’ve put into Paragon. We received many passionate ideas for where to take the game; the outpouring of thoughtful suggestions is another testament to this incredible community.

After careful consideration, and many difficult internal debates, we feel there isn’t a clear path for us to grow Paragon into a MOBA that retains enough players to be sustainable.

We didn’t execute well enough to deliver on the promise of Paragon. We have failed you — despite the team’s incredibly hard work — and we’re sorry.

To try to make this right, Epic is offering a full refund to every Paragon player for every purchase on any platform. This refund will come directly from Epic rather than your platform provider.

We’ll continue operating Paragon servers until April 26, 2018. As the player population continues to  decrease, matchmaking times and quality will further degrade.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and for your dedication to Paragon.”

While the online gaming community has already figured it out, Epic didn’t mention the primary reason for closing down Paragon – shifting resources to the development of Fortnite, which is a much more promising game now, thanks to the Battle Royale mode.


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