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Boss Battles Begin!

Over the next few weeks Counter Play will be testing out a brand new feature they’re very excited about:

Limited Time Boss Battles

  • During select time periods a special boss event will become available for a limited time (Counter Play are planning for the first 2 to be available for a week starting on a Monday and ending on Sunday).
  • You’ll see a callout for the Boss Battle in the main menu.
  • Each Boss is a unique AI controlled opponent with a unique deck and starting board state.
  • Defeating the Boss in battle will earn you 1 Free Spirit Orb and a unique Boss Crate.
  • The Boss crate costs $4.99 to unlock and contains:
    • 1 Common Chest Key
    • 1 Gauntlet Ticket
    • 3 Shim’zar Spirit Orbs
    • 1 Random Legendary Card
  • The Boss crate expires 48 hours after you have earned it.

They will be testing out 2 Boss Battles over the next few weeks to gather feedback so make sure to check-in next week. We’re excited to hear what you think!

Free Card of the Day

They’re putting The Daily Challenge on a brief vacation and replacing it with a Free Common Card of the Day. You can claim one random common craftable card every 24 hours in place of the 5 Gold reward that the challenges offered.

They know there are a lot of challenge lovers out there, so they want to regroup and explore a better vehicle to deliver challenges for those players that love that game mode.

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