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On the festive days of Durga Puja(a festival in the state of Bengal), today marks on the English calendar, one of the saddest moments in gaming and movie history. News has broken out regarding the death of the prominent actor and singer Barry Dennen.

Barry Dennen, who is discerned as an exalted member of not only Hollywood but also for his undisputed contributions to the Dota 2 community has sadly reported to have passed away. Dennen was known to have given birth to the voice of three Dota 2 heros, Chaos Knight, Phantom Lancer and Rubick. These three heroes have been some of the most played heroes in the Dota 2 charts.

There is indeed not a shred of doubt that this is a major blow to the Dota 2 community, especially for those who have chosen these three foregoing heroes as their primary and have spent hours and hours, grinding infront of the computer screen to earn that last bit of MMR. There is no questioning that those who had held Barry Dennen in their hearts as a provenience of inspiration will be crestfallen.

We must remember however, that life is only momentary. People come into existence, they make history and they leave the planet for another heavenly place, neither with their belongings nor with their achievements. They leave them all for the former world to exemplify and be recited as stories to encourage the coming generations. So, while this maybe a grievous moment in the history of Dota 2 and for its fans and the movie fanatics who have drawn a stream of influence and inspiration from movies like The Shining, Titanic, and so on, Barry Dennen’s charismatic voice will remain and perpetually be immortalised in Dota 2 and these movies forever.

“In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” —Genesis 3:19

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