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Black Desert Online SEA has a special gift for Adventurers in celebration of the game’s first anniversary. From January 16 to 23, Adventurers can drop by the Pearl Shop to purchase a Boss Defense Gear Box for just one Loyalty. Adventurers with level 50 and higher characters can open the box to get one of the following items: Dim Tree Spirit’s Armor, Giath’s Helmet, Red Nose’s Armor, Bheg’s Gloves or Muskan’s Shoes. Black Desert Online SEA is also giving away select presents for every hour Adventurers play the game from January 17 to 23, for up to 5 hours a day.

In addition, brand-new Adventurers can now try Black Desert Online SEA for free. New Adventurers that create an account from January 16 to February 12 can play the game for free for 2 weeks. Plus, if they log in for 7 days and reach level 56 during the event period, those Adventurers will get permanent access to the game. Black Desert Online SEA is also offering a 30% discount on all game packages from January 16 to February 13. Find more information about the events here.

Besides the exciting first anniversary events, a new battle royale mode, “Shadow Arena,” is coming to Black Desert Online SEA today. Within this new PvP mode, all Adventurers will enter the Shadow Arena as a Black Spirit that must find and possess a character. Then, they have to collect the necessary resources, such as weapons and items, to fight to be the last one standing out of 50 contenders.

Shadow Arena is a great entry point for Adventurers trying out the game for the first time or those that are new to the MMORPG genre. It will also give existing Adventurers a new way to enjoy the game and explore different classes.

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