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Red Frost by DRAGO entertainment is a post-apocalyptic survival horror, which takes players to frozen Siberia, a land hiding a terrifying secret. The game was previously developed under the name FrostFall.

Title change and gameplay modification:

DRAGO entertainment’s production drew a lot of attention from a large number of players and made its way into the Steam Top Wishlist. Due to that fact, the studio has decided to eventually change the working title from FrostFall to Red Frost and simultaneously announce a series of changes coming to the gameplay.

Red Frost is a story-driven, post-apocalyptic survival adventure set in harsh, frosty land of Russia. The player gets involved in mysterious and terrifying events, which force him to fight for his survival.

What can we expect from Red Frost?

Red Frost will receive a much larger, more complex world than originally planned. As the developers point out, they have always been focused on exploration, but now they decided to go a step further and introduce more content to the nooks and crannies of the world. This will give players a reason to explore even the most distant places.

Along with the expanded game world, more side quests will be added. Some of them will touch on the main scenario, but most will constitute completely independent stories with separate plots. Many more characters will be introduced, both friendly or hostile. In addition to cultists, players will be able to fight and interact with new groups of adverse and neutral NPCs.

Red Frost will offer an expanded character development system with additional skills and talents to distribute. Those changes go along with a rebuilt sneaking system, which in many cases will be an alternative way to handle things.

“Although we are very pleased with the survival system in its current state, we have decided to spice it up by increasing the number of diseases. They will appear in different stages and will affect the character differently, thereby increasing immersion into the harsh environment. Some of the new additions to the corruption system will also integrate nicely with diseases, giving an optional approach to remedies.” – says Joanna Tynor, CEO of DRAGO entertainment.

Key features of the game:

  • Unique character development system with zombification*,
  • Dynamic environment with dynamic weather, day and the in-game world itself,
  • Story-driven survival with combat and exploration,
  • Noninvasive, gripping mechanics of winter survival with thirst, hunger, sleep, exhaustion, radiation, hypothermia and diseases,
  • Skill system, talents and perks for further character development,
  • Collecting, assembling and crafting,
  • Shelter construction system,
  • Portable and expendable command base,
  • Rock climbing and obstacle scaling for greater freedom of movement,
  • Full-fledged hunting, fishing, camping and culinary system,
  • Nonverbal storytelling alongside a fully dubbed main story,
  • Large variety of equipment, which can be improved by crafting.

Red Frost will launch in Steam Early Access in 2021. Demo will be available later this year (2020).

The game is being developed by DRAGO entertainment.

*zombification – a corruption system in which player gets infected for unknown reasons and the level of infection affects him differently. With time or due to various activities he transforms into a zombie. There are ways to stop the corruption or even reverse the process.


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