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Being a big fan of DragonBall franchise and not being much of how No Man’s Sky has turned out, and the surfacing of the fact NMS can be modded, this must be the best thing I have seen today. According to NeoGaf user n0razi, his dream version of No Man’s Sky would be:

You fly and warp around a procedurally generated universe as Vegeta and you get to blow shit up. Screw the tedious micromanagement and exploration, and just look for newer and bigger planets to blow up. You see some aliens? Blow em up… You see some humans? Press B for “demoralizing insult” and then blow em up. Fly to the center of the universe and go Super Saiyan. Its literally all the fun parts of NMS without any of the bad.

Yes, this not a very very in-depth idea, but GAFers have been very receptive to this, given a few ideas and all of them have agreed on this. Here you can have a look at the whole thread. Well we could have a real fun game if it this happens in the future. The only issue here is that we don’t know to what extent can the game be modded. If it is flexible enough, I can see this being the next Skyrim or GTA for the modders and if it is anywhere near that flexible, we could see a whole revamp of everything from graphics to gameplay. What do you guys think about this possibilty, seems like an interesting prospect. Let us know in the comments below.

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