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Gravetide Summoner is one of the Wanted bounties we’ve seen repeat more than once, but whose location floats between different Lost Sectors. Your goal, as always, is to do an Adventure on Titan, but the Lost Sector this time is found in Siren’s Watch, in the Methane Flush Lost Sector right near the spawn point for that platform.

As is tradition, you need to first get the bounty from The Spider in the Tangled Shore. The Bounty costs 5 dead ghosts, which can be earned by completing patrols, adventures, public events and other activities on the Tangled Shore.

Once the bounty has been acquired, a new adventure will unlock for you on Titan, which requires you to clear out a Lost Sector this time. At the end of it, is the Gravetide Summoner, which is initially immune to all damage. But fear not, just dispose of the ogre nearby. The Ogre has a huge health bar you say. Take out special thrall enemies (the ones with yellow health bars that periodically attack in waves), and you will earn a buff which lets you do extra damage to the ogre.

Once the ogre is down, focus on the Gravetide Summoner and once you bring it down, you will be rewarded with some powerful gear, which is critical in your quest for the new Level cap of 650 and to meet the minimum requirement for the Black Armory missions.

Wanted Bounties, along with Ascendant Challenge are activities that reset every week on Tuesday in Destiny 2, so if you are looking to complete this particular bounty, do it before Tuesday.

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