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With the Forsaken Expansion just around the corner, Bungie have revealed a new trailer for an are which will be explorable in the upcoming update.

Destiny 2’s player base has been dwindling recently and Bungie is aiming to regain its playerbase, with the Forsaken update being one of the final few resorts to bring some more players back to the game as it promises that it will be its “largest endgame experience ever”. The trailer promises a variety of stuff, including lots of loot and lore to uncover, environment riddled with puzzles and a “massive raid at the core of the city”. The trailer indeed looks interesting, but will it be able to turn the tides for the game? Time will tell.

The Forsaken update is all set to release on the 4th of September, along with a 70$ season pass which includes both this year’s and next years expansion.

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