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Eververse trading company is up an running at your favorite Tower in Destiny. With the latest patch in place, Eververse Trading Company will serve as the microtransaction hub in Destiny from now on. Guardians can now buy new emotes for their characters, using in-game currency called “Silver” which is in turn bought by real life life money.

You can buy 500 Silver for Rs. 415; 1000 Silver (+100 as bonus) for Rs. 832 and 2000 Silver (+300 as bonus) for Rs. 1664 from the Playstation Store or Xbox Live. Every gaurdian is getting a bonus of 200 Silver on the house though, and another 200 Silver if they log in to Destiny before the 15th Of November. SO that’s 400 Silver free for your spending pleasures.

Currently the Eververse Trading Company is only selling emotes. These include the famous Carlton Dance from the ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’ (the emote is titled as ‘Enthusiastic’). Players can alos buy the ultra-uber The Rock’s “Bring it on!” taunt. Others include chest pumping and cutting throats. Maybe that Destiny dev was right, people will really throw their money at the screen.

Check out the entire list of Emotes in GIF and video form.

It is to be noted, that all these cosmetics upgrades, and do not affect your in-game performance or stats at all. So while Destiny has introduced microtranscations, it is still not ‘Pay-to-Win’. Though wih the latest patch lowering the number of strange coins and Mote Of Light drops, some people can see that as a way to setup stores for those items too. We will just have to watch out I guess.

My advise, if you are still playing Destiny, log in, claim your Silver, get yourself an awesome emote and then go back to the Vangaurd Strike Playlist.

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