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When it comes to horse racing games, there aren’t too many to be proud of. However, it seems like the industry is making a turn for the better by incorporating blockchain technology.

Derby Stars

Even though we are talking about one of the oldest sports in the world, it seems like the sport is adapting to the new times by incorporating technology. Suddenly, the idea of owning a horse and racing it (virtually) doesn’t seem so distant and you don’t need to be a jockey in TwinSpires Kentucky Derby to
do it.

In the past couple of years, we’ve seen a dozen of digital horse racing games, and it seems like Derby
Stars is going to take the industry to the next level.

Let’s find out what this game has to offer and why it is such a big deal.

What is Derby Stars?

Derby Stars is the newest NFT game released on the Terra ecosystem, and even though it is currently in early access, it still disrupted the entire industry thanks to its eye-catching graphics and interesting

This is a traditional horse racing game that utilizes NFTs, which allows users to experience horse racing
on the blockchain. It is the first step in moving the horse racing industry into the metaverse. Due to its technologies, Derby Stars is a game where you can own horses with unique traits and abilities, and possibly race them to earn prizes. Basically, it is a play-to-earn game that allows players to become racehorse owners.

Horses in Derby Stars

One of the things that makes this game unique is the unique appearance and abilities of horses. Unlike
traditional horse racing games, the horses in Derby Stars are much more exciting and they come with
wings, fire, and glowing elements.

Each horse comes with 10 unique body parts that can be categorized into three tiers – normal, rare, and

Additionally, horses come with few talents that will help them make a difference on the racecourse,
such as:

  • Runaway Runner
  • Front Runner
  • Stalker
  • Stretch Runner

The idea behind owning a horse in Derby Stars is that you can use unique training methods in order to increase your abilities and gain an advantage during races. So, the goal for every player is to get a unique horse and train it in order to improve their winning chances.

How Can Players Earn Rewards

The Derby Stars game is made with a dual token economy system, which consists of a governance token, which is often used for decisions relating to developing the game, and utility tokens which players can earn by winning races.

It is too early to tell, but Derby Stars will allow the player to earn tokens in the game, which later can be converted for an in-game item or other tokens.

Horse Racing in the Metaverse

This is one of the few games that is pioneering horse-racing metaverse and embracing state-of-the-art
technologies. All of this allows players to get access to unique features like breeding, training, trading,
and racing their own digital horses.

The game is led by Sean Hahm, which has previous experience developing horse racing mobile games. Even though this game is still in the early access mode, we expect a full launch of the game very soon. The early access mode was not only opened for in-game contests but also a range of side missions and

By completing these, players can earn experience and level up their horses.

Final Words

If you are a horse racing enthusiast, then this is definitely a game that you need to try right now. Unlike previous crypto-related horse racing games, this one actually looks good and it is fun to play.

So, remember to follow Derby Stars and make sure to try it out once the game is fully released. We
guarantee you that you’ll have plenty of fun!

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