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Gardens Galleria, located in Entertainment City, has come up with a big surprise for video game maniacs with the rollout of VR Unreal — a virtual reality gaming zone. Having been recently set up, VR Unreal is an amusement arcade which tailors compelling VR gaming experiences for the users. It blends reality with the virtual environment of a game in such a way that users, present in real-time, can sense the thrill of what’s going in the game. Be it enjoying a roller-coaster ride or fighting with the zombies in a dingy cave, VR Unreal makes it almost a reality for us.

This state-of-art Virtual Reality gaming arcade has been inaugurated by the Mall Head Mr. Mahim Singh, and the Chief guest Mr. Ahmed Khan. Post ribbon-cutting ceremony, Ahmed Khan, Bollywood’s superstar choreographer and accomplished director took a trial of the video games using VR headset and felt mesmerized by the magic of VR experience. He said, “I’m really enchanted by the electrifying fun & experience that I can’t believe; I’ve not been physically present in the other world of the game. It’s so real! Thanks to the team Gardens Galleria, I’m sure, people will love it!”


The latest VR equipment and a wide range of interactive games available at affordable costs in VR Unreal truly make Gardens Galleria a full-jammed entertainment destination. It is changing the traditional landscape of gaming parlors and halls and will surely allow the curious minds to live their imagination in real.

Mr. Mahim Singh calls it North Star of Entertainment city as a whole, “We always try to deliver the people world-class experiences in every arena of our offerings. For shopping to gaming, we are focused on how we can make our services better, infrastructure commendable, and the experiences incredible at our place. The gaming industry is undergoing a massive transformation with the integration of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality.

 It means the gaming experiences will be exceptionally commendable in the coming decade. And not many people are even aware of what VR actually is. So, we spent a lot of time in brainstorming how we can move people closer to this technology. And this has eventually led to the advent of our VR Unreal! With our customers’ support, we will make it available nationwide.”

VR Unreal is predicted to attract a thousand of visitors a day when it is opened for general public. Starting with small, Entertainment City plans to establish VR Unreal in major metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Chennai, Patna, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Vadodara, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, and Ghaziabad in the next few years.

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