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[UPDATE]: The moderator of r/Darksiders confirmed that this was an April fool prank and the image is an edited image which was uploaded on the discord server. Their was a question mark over the genuinity of the image and this confirms it. Things can’t be hidden on the internet, but things on the internet can’t be trusted easily too.

Darksiders fans are indeed awaiting for the third title in the series, and with no confirmations about the release date yet, fans were a bit disappointed. Lately, an image has appeared on the internet where a possible listing for Darksiders 3 was put up, but it was removed afterwards. According to the listing the game is all set to release on 08-08-2018

Keep in mind that this Darksiders 3 release date has not been confirmed by the developers or the publisher. Usually leaks are followed by official announcements, but nothing can be said as of now since there is no official announcement yet.

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