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DSOG has reported that modder ‘Mechadon’ has released the final version of his Doom 64 remake in Doom 2, called D64D2. What this does is that it ports over all the maps from Doom 64 (the N64 remake of Doom) and combines it with the assets from Doom 2, including all enemies and objects.

According to the modder, D64D2 is a vanilla recreation/re-imagining of the Doom 64 maps and these maps are made with [mostly] vanilla assets that can run in the original vanilla Doom (and Chocolate Doom).

“The goal was to recreate the major aspects of the maps while allowing for creative liberties where needed or wanted. There are lots of new graphics, some new textures (like skies), some new music tracks, a couple of new monsters, and minor enhancements for folks who play in advanced ports (like GZDoom).”

You can download the mod from here, and you can find its complete changelog here.

Credit: DSOGaming

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