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We have seen the Crysis Twitter handle beep back to life, teasing another entry in the Crysis series. Two tweets made by the handle stand out, the second one being more relevant than the other. The game is likely to star Jake ‘Nomad’ Dunn, as the tweet prominently mentions his name. Crytek likes to play dangerously – there’s no doubt about that.

If that isn’t proof enough, a new job listing has been spotted on Crytek’s website, which mentions the need for a technical director. The job requires the applicant to share a vision for the game with the game director besides having prominent experience in AAA development. Crytek isn’t shying away from giving players the best gameplay experience – this listing is living proof of that. Moreover, the listing appears suddenly after the tease by the official Crysis twitter handle – the timing seems quite impeccable.

Note that the hiring could be for some other AAA project and not Crysis – though that would mean even more excitement for players. If a new Crysis is enough to make industry insiders jump in their pajamas, a new IP would make them jump out of the roof. Needless to say, this would increase speculation about the same.

Like all rumors, take this with a pinch of salt – and keep speculating like all ordinary humans do.

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