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If you are a fan of racing games and want to do something other than just racing, bumping into other cars and escaping the police then Crashday is the right game for you. Imagine the fun of racing against other players instead of dumb AIs that have been programmed to lose on purpose.

Yes, you heard it right. Crashday is an upcoming game which hopes to unite gamers by introducing competitiveness and encouraging teamwork. Plain boring races just doesn’t cut it for some people. Crashday smashes right through the wall and breaking all the rules, says ‘SCREW ALL’ to the traditional Racing Games. Not only is Crashday a classic racing game, it brings with it tons of destruction and plenty of explosions. It fuses racing games with shooter games adding big guns to the side of your cars allowing you to wreak havoc upon your competitors.

Crashday is a destruction derby/racing/car stunts game originally co-developed by Replay Studios, Moonbyte Games and published by Atari. Crashday Redline Edition is a re-master of the game developed by Moonbyte Games and will be available on Steam from the 10th Of August 2017.



Story And Narrative

The game’s primary focus has been concentrated on the online multiplayer itself. As a result of which it fails to deliver a furnished story. There is a Career Mode but the plot is so thin that writing about it would be the same as not writing about it. The main purpose of the Career Mode, as I understood, is to teach the players the rudimentary principles of the game and to get them accustomed with the various game modes. It serves as an introductory course to teach you how the game is supposed to be played and what are its directives.

Crashday running in Very High settings at 60 FPS constant.

Graphics Sound and Performance

The game was run on a computer having the following specifications:-

Processor: Intel Core i5-4440 CPU 3.10GHz

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 750Ti

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8 Gigs

Crashday does not boast high end graphics. The visuals are somewhat dull and need to be worked on. We are living in an era where games are becoming more attractive and prepossessing every day. A game which has visuals as simple as this is highly unlikely to grasp the attention of the public in the first place. It feels bland and extremely deficient in proper detailing and animations. The least that could be done to make the game look appealing is to animate the trees, add some vegetation and animate the latter. The addition of options to change weather would also be a wonderful touch to beautify the game.

Regardless of how tedious the game looks, it has managed to maintain a constant 60 FPS on the PC. Therefore, it is needless to say that the developers have spent a lot of time in optimizing the game.

Sound: The developers have done considerable amount of work in choosing music. Racing games are particularly known for their hardcore music and Crashday does not fail to impress in that area. The developers have no doubt, done an excellent job in choosing the most intense and extreme music that would get your adrenaline pumping and your heart racing with every beat of the breakneck melody. Other than that the in-game sounds are pretty standard, they are not bad but they are certainly not the best.

Game Modes & Multiplayer

One thing that Crashday patently has is a cornucopia of game modes. The initial game that we received for beta testing has a total of seven game modes with sub modes like ‘deathmatch’, ‘team deathmatch’ and ‘last car standing’.

All the game modes of Crashday.

The Game modes are as follows:

Wrecking Match

Your cars come equipped with mini-guns and missile launchers. Your objective is to destroy your opponents and reach the target score before your competitors.

A typical Wrecking Match.

Stunt Show

Perform stunts in a row and earn points. Reach the target score or score more than your opponent within a limited time to win the game.

The Stunt Show game mode, where you have to perform stunts to score points.

Hold The Flag

Pick up flags from the course or steal flags being carried by your opponents by bumping into their vehicle and racing through marked check points. The more flags you steal and the more checkpoints you steer through the more chances you have of winning.

The Hold The Flag game mode where you have to steal flags and go through different checkpoints.


An ordinary race match where you have to pass all the checkpoints and be the first to reach the finish line to win it.

The Race game mode.

Pass The Bomb

A random vehicle will be selected and a bomb will be placed on it’s roof. Bump into other vehicles to pass the bomb to them before it explodes or use your minigun and missiles to blow up the car that carries to bomb. The player procuring the highest score wins the game.

The Pass The Bomb game mode.

Bomb Run

All the cars have been armed with a bomb which will explode if the speed of your car drops down to a certain number. Even worse, the minimum speed rises with each checkpoint. The player that passes most checkpoints wins the competition.

The Bomb Run game mode where you have to cross checkpoints while maintaining a certain speed.

Test Run

Choose a car of your choice and freely roam around in different maps.

Maps:- Crashday is one of those games that provides a plethora of maps. A total of 36 tracks including 10 new tracks for the Red Line Edition have been added to the game. Crashday also allows the players to customise and design their own maps with the help of the map editor. However, it must be noted that some maps for the ‘Wrecking Match’ game mode need to be emended and reworked on. In terms of tactical advantage, even the addition of a few stacks of bricks and boxes would serve well for cover.

Gameplay And Mechanics

The gameplay is quite simplistic. It follows similar mechanics to NFS, The Crew and other racing games. But it adds extra flavor to the game with the addition of arsenal. Fun and creative game modes would keep you up playing with your friends for hours. But the handling of cars feels quite loose. It would be good if the developers tweak the mechanics or add cars dedicated for drifting or cars that have high maneuverability. The addition of new game modes like drag race, drifting courses could also prove to be beneficial for the game’s success in the long run.


Despite its lack of visual detailing and spiffing animation, Crashday is an extremely fun game to play with friends and at the end of the day, it pays off. It’s a superb way of releasing stress. But I don’t see the game evolving into an e-sports anytime soon like Rocket League. But if the developers are aiming for that, there is a lot of work that needs to be done. All in all, it is a really fun game and has not failed to entertain me even in the toughest of times. It is a game specifically designed for people who are into racing games. If you are one of them and graphics is not your focal point of entertainment you are sure to enjoy Crashday.

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