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Sumo Digital has posted a developer update for their recently released Crackdown 3, revealing the changes coming via an upcoming patch. According to the post, developers are currently working on implementing Wrecking Zone Party support, addressing the Campaign saved games issues and unlocking the framerate for the co-op mode.

While players may have to wait a bit for the update to launch, they can now get their hands on a new Bonus Content Pack now available for free. This pack includes the “Quackhammer” weapon, Commander Jaxon’s Ultimate Suit, and the “Linebacker” vehicle. Players may watch the following video for details on where to find these in game.

After installing the bonus DLC, you’ll have to do a few things to equip these new Agency goodies:

  • To look Boom-tastic in Commander Jaxon’s Ultimate Suit: Create a new Agent or head to a Supply Point with an existing Agent, choose Agent Jaxon on the Agent selection screen, and then use the toggle to switch between regular and Commander Jaxon.
  • To drive in style with the Linebacker vehicle: Get to a Supply Point with a vehicle pad and select the Linebacker from your available inventory.
  • To equip the Quackhammer: Access any Supply Point, open the Loadout screen, scroll to the very bottom of the left-hand column and select the Quackhammer.

Players can also expect an update early next week.

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