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Contrary to popular belief, most gamers do actually have a very active social life. At different points in their life, they share they space with different women: Mother, Girlfriend and wife (to name a few). As much as a man wants to have control over his own destiny, its all but natural that life decisions will be influenced by those above mentioned figures.

And what’s a bigger life decision than deciding to buy a PlayStation 4 or an X-Box One? Both of them cost ridiculously high. Both of them are jaw-droopingly awesome. And both of them are just toys to our female influence (unless she happens to be a gamer herself). So when it comes down to it, and suppose you have the money, how do you convince your Mother, Girlfriend or Wife to let you buy that next gen console and still make them feel that you love them.

The conversation you will have with any of them would be surprisingly similar, with minor accounting for taste and syntax. I have done it multiple times across my life, and I am currently doing this for my brand new PlayStation 4. I am almost there, and the party in contention should thaw any day now. So without further ado, here is what you need to do.

but I do want the PS 4 too
but I do want the PS 4 too

[NOTE:] Your matriarchal influence should know that you are into gaming. They should have already accepted the fact that gaming is a part of your life. If you have already succumbed to the pressure to get rid of your “childish ways”, then the battle is already lost. Half of the conversation is letting them know that its important to you.

[NOTE:] This conversation should ALWAYS happen when there is a happy ambiance. When you are late to pick her up is not the right time to start the topic. Also intersperse this conversation, it does not all have to happen in one day. If she seems too irritated moving the conversation forward, drop it and bring it up another day. You won’t have to start from scratch because a woman’s memory is meticulous, also you would have earned brownie points for listening to her during the last conversation.

The Intro:
You: {Enter cuddly greeting here} I am thinking of buying a PlayStation 4/ X-Box One.
F: Don’t you already own one of them.
You: No No. That’s the old version. This is the new thing the latest.
F: But you said the same thing about the last one.
You: Yes, I know but that’s because it was the latest at that point of time. This is the latest now. The one that I own now is almost 8 years old.
F: Ahhan {they will follow it up with a weird interrogating look}.

We can watch TV on it too
We can watch TV on it too

The Money:
F: So this PlayBox. How much does this cost?
You: ahhhhh… {Accompanied by hair scratching, or just not meeting her eyes} about {Enter Cheapest Price possible}.
F: What are you crazy?
You: I know I know, Its a bit on the expensive side.
F: A bit. You can buy a scooter for that money, and it may help you in commuting too.
You: But you can’t use a scooter on rainy days, or snowy ones, or really hot one. Or on the days when I am alone. Huh {Enter Cuddly greeting}
F: Don’t sugarcoat me Mr.

The Why?
F: but why do you really need it. You can play games on the old one also na.
You: Not any new games. Not the latest, the most popular, and the most awesome games.
F: Games are games.
You: And dresses are dresses {Never…I mean Never say that}. Ohho, its not as simple as that. New is always better.
See you know I run a/write for a  website {if you are a gamer by any standard, you would have a presence somewhere}. If I don’t play the latest games, then how will I report on the latest games. See, I just don’t want to buy it for me, I want it to buy it for my website. You don’t want my website to be run-down with old content do you.
F: We will see.

having it, will make me love YOU even more
having it, will make me love YOU even more

The Final Nail (On the phone)
You: I am standing outside the store.
F: What, why?http://www.gameffine.com/wp-admin/post-new.php
You: I am going to buy the PlayStation 4/ X-Box One.
F: {they will use your full name here}, come back this instant. No need to go into that shop.
You: But I really really want it. See someone just bought it in front of me. Oh how happy he looks.
F: Let’s talk about this, come back tonight. We will discuss it over dinner.
You: {SIGH loudly} Ok…But I don’t know how much longer I can hold on.

Rinse and repeat the above conversation, and finally she will cave in. Remember she loves you, and if you act miserable enough for a few days, she will reluctantly accept your proposal. Once that happens, don’t linger, pounce and buy that thing ASAP. Don’t order it online, go to a store and buy it on the spot before she changes her mind.

So this is my story. What is yours? How did you convince your mother, wife or girlfriend to let you buy a next gen console. What do you think of my method. Let me know in the comments.

  1. OMG dude, what are you like 10yrs old? You have more serious issues in your life if you have to actually ask permission to buy something.

      1. GF or not, having to physically ask permission?? Nobody above the age of 18 would ever consider or even have to do. You’ll understand one day after you enter puberty and can call yourself a man 🙂

        1. How do you physically ask permission?
          And I don’t think you grasp the concept of growing up. Involving and taking advise before making any decision is adult life in my opinion.
          Anyways, it was meant to be a humor piece, I salute you if you are able to make all of your decisions alone, without having to ask or think how someone else would feel, if you did.

  2. Never faced such problem… I simply went and bought both the Xbox one and PS4 (I was single then :D) now I explained my fiancé and she seemed confused but then slowly slowly she is amazed how far video games has come.. She is gifting me the Uncharted 4. And asked me to show her the game since she loved what she saw. 🙂

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