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The first day of the ESL India Premiership started out as a clash of the two big titans, 2ez Gaming and Entity Gaming in a match of CSGO, a battle to the very end. Unfortunately, a controversy erupted during the match, which forced a drastic response from the organizers.

During the match, Prashant ‘Aequitas’ Prabhakar, the coach of Entity Gaming, was present in a secondary GOTV server with a minor delay, which allowed him to spectate the match live. While his intentions may have been only to observe the players in action, it might have given Entity Gaming a tactical advantage in the match, leading to a 16-13 win against 2ez Gaming. The incident was an unique one,since Aequitas himself was a part of Sostronk, the server provider for the ESL India Premiership, and he had used his admin powers to get into the GOTV server. Note that in a Valve ruling of 2016, it was stated that coaches are not allowed to join an active CSGO server.

This led to a rough decision of reversing the scores of 16-13, awarding 2ez Gaming a win over Entity Gaming, and further instructions to Sostronk to disable admin privileges for everyone except the personnel approved by the ESL India management in writing.



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