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Sony and Microsoft have been releasing consoles since the 1990’s and each have their fair share of fanbase. Both the consoles are like eternal phoenixes, who rise from their own ashes when they become old. Both of them have provided us with memorable games in the past, and provided even better memories. They both were coexisting peacefully, but then come the ‘FANBOYS’ and start the invasion. One dynasty favors the PS4 and the other holds on to the Xbox. Some of them are under the diplomacy of PC and Nintendo. The war continues even today.

The above story is the actual scenario. But let’s not go into details, rather let us understand what all this commotion is about.

What are console wars?

It’s simple. As is human nature to be jealous, we can not accept the fact that someone has something better than us. This is where the whole concept comes in. “Xbox is better than PS”, the moment this or the vice versa was said, the war had been waged. Even Google is aware of the war. On google if you type the name of any one of the consoles and wait for the suggestions you’ll notice that ‘PS4 vs Xbox One’ is the 8th most searched thing. Now that says something.pointless-console-wars_o_2239757

The above statement may not necessarily point in the direction of the specifics of this article, maybe people just want to compare the machines because they are thinking of buying a gaming system. But let’s do the math, there are 7 billion people on earth, and Sony recently revealed that they had sold 30 million PS4s and the speculation of Xbox One says about 15 million sales. Now even if there were 10 million people thinking of buying a console, the number wouldn’t compare to the other 6.5 billion people living on the planet. Not many would be thinking about adding a console to their living room, but still the topic is one of the most searched on Google.

bgQg1iDHere is where the FANBOYS fulfill their wonderful duty of being the pessimistic about others. These are the type of people who compare and would debate to an unknown extent to prove that their piece of plastic is better. They are always bragging about their consoles and think that the respective company is the best. They don’t bat an eye to good games, rather, they prefer being under the rock and only being limited to their world (In this case console). They are the reason the console war is being waged.


Now let me ask you “Does Sony or Microsoft give a damn whether you buy their console or not?”. Obviously not, because they just want you to enjoy their games. Heck even Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division of Microsoft, says that he loves the PS4. Even though both the companies are rivals, they don’t have any grudges against the other. If they had such kind of rivalry, all the PS4 hardcore players would be working in Sony and Phil Spencer would have been kicked out of Microsoft. It’s all personal perspective, on what kind of games you enjoy. Gamers should not be divided on the basis of system preference, rather on the types of games they play. Do not get swayed by the console wars people, do what you wanna do. Keep Calm and keep playing the games you love.


So do you really think that console wars are of much importance? Help us spread the awareness in the gaming world. Let us know in the comments below, what you think about console wars and their consequences.

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