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When you imagine collectible card games, you generally imagine digital or physical card games. Either the collection of cards is completely online, stored on some distant server, only accessed at the time of playing such that the cards cannot be touched or felt, or they are tangible by nature, meaning that the cards can be used for playing against human opponents you can actually see with your own eyes. What happens when you combine the two into a card game that is physical and digital both at once? That’s what Malkyr’s Studio is trying to do with their TCG called the Malkyr’s Interactive Card Game.

Malkyr’s Studio has made a special RFID card reader to go along with the game. The reader is used to scan physical cards, which can then be used in the game to play against AI opponents, or against human opponents, where both players use RFID readers to scan their cards for making their moves. All cards to be scanned are physical cards, showing only the art. When scanned, the game shows the text written on the card, including its effects. Cards can be upgraded to be made more powerful, and the beautiful part is, when you trade cards, all upgrades carry over to the new owner, who can further upgrade it. The card reader isn’t an essential purchase either. Convert an average Android smartphone into a card reader by downloading the Malkyr’s App on it. (Hey, you all have smartphones, right?) The game is available on the Nintendo Switch too, though you need to get an addon on the Nintendo eShop to scan the cards for playing the game on the Switch.

        The game is basically a battle between two heroes who battle it out to determine who is the superior champion in the land of Brenn. Fight it out in many different ways possible, using weapons, magic and many other innovative ways possible. Choose from a wide roster of champions, and lead them on to victory. Whatever be the case, the Goddess Narkalor always looks over you.

The game’s first expansion, Journey of Enardem has 262 cards up for grabs, with a price of € 15 for each booster. The game has had an extremely successful Kickstarter, currently sitting on a little over $100,000. The game promises crossplay between the Nintendo Switch and the PC, as well as weekly events with prize pools that reward free booster packs or alternative card arts even if the player fails to pull a decent performance. The game will also feature ranked play and an esports league from its launch. For peeps seeking a more casual experience, a story with multiple ending and a lot of choices to make await the player.

Malkyr’s – the interactive card game plans to launch for the PC on Steam, as well as on the Nintendo Switch. All backers will receive their rewards not later than June 2019, two months before its official release date in September 2019. Interested peeps can check out the Kickstarter to help Malkyr’s Studio expand even further and add more content to the game, or wait for the game’s official release.

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