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In our Computer Repair Shop Review, we review the uncanny details and how much the game proves to be a simulator of one of the world’s best jobs – Repairing PCs.

Developed by Cheesecake Dev this casual title does a great job of going beyond the normal struggle of fixing PCs, but also closely highlights additional problems that await anyone who aims to become a PC Repair Shop owner. The game was released on January 12, 2024, and is exclusively available on Steam.

The Greatest Technician That Ever Lived

The game offers a tonne of content apart from fixing PCs, but if fixing PCs is what you do best then be ready to be the greatest technician that ever lived. You will be tasked with removing lint and dust using top-of-the-line tech, ordering parts through Zamazor drones and installing 100% legit games from Sneaky Flash Drive. If everything that you did in the game was honorable then it wouldn’t be a real simulator.

The game does an incredible job of avoiding every possible lawsuit by smartly replacing the names of actual hardware and items. But the real highlight of the creativity of the game developer shines in how well the names of the games are written in the spin-off version of Steam inside the game. Which also reminds us, did you check out our The Past of Us 2 Remastered Review?

The shop conveniently has a lot of space for you to work, clients drop their PCs with notes so you don’t have to bother making small talk and helping people understand that their burnt PSU cannot be fixed by pressing some keys. Some clients know exactly what they want, and some clients just know that their PC isn’t working. So either you order an entirely new part by identifying each faulty product, or you can manually fix each piece of hardware and save Earth from preventing E-waste. This is your simulator, your rules.

After you’ve gotten bored, you also need to make sure your shop runs well. You will constantly be robbed. But of course, you can hire a bodyguard who will not ask questions but shoot whoever tries looking at your humble shop the wrong way. Fixing PCs while constantly hearing gunshots may cause confusion between the prevention of robbery or fireworks from cheap PSUs.

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You can also visit your fellow business owners, who have interesting products in line. From buying the best cat photo to visiting the Indian shop that has invented a portal and keeps apologising for his accent. Visiting the portal with a camera may or may not send you to a horror arena and bringing back proof will fetch you good cash, not as much as your own business though.

Will it break my PC?

The game in reality is great if you look at it as a college project or a kid with too much time in his hand. It’s a one-time play for the creativity put together and how well the repairing simulation is put together on a light scale. But everything apart from the main shop just feels boring and off.

The game itself does not work well, with constant freezes and buffers across multiple PCs and Laptops. The boot time of the game makes me remember the real Windows XP days. In an always-night setting, the game accurately imitates the shady and dark feel of the game, but that mostly feels like a lazy attempt to prevent doing a lot of map design.

The game luckily didn’t crash and no, no trojan viruses were uploaded while I played the game (Well, we will know for sure in some weeks right?). However the amount of bugs especially performance wise cannot be overlooked. With limited keys and awkward functionality of mostly grabbing and dropping objects also feels too old for the 2024 indie game.

After spending a few hours and realising the most of the orders have started repeating you might just lose interest in the game. Well, everything good always comes to an end.


Computer Repair Shop is one the most accurate Repairing Sims in terms of human morale. From deciding that the customer may not need his extra RAM to making sure the customer receives the most accurate fixing to date, you are the ruler of your shop. You are guaranteed to have fun exploring the creativity the game offers, but once you’ve seen everything, there isn’t much more to do. The performance also does not do a great job of making your experience memorable.

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Computer Repair Shop Review

Computer Repair Shop Review
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Computer Repair Shop is probably on the most accurate PC repairing simulator, we at least morally. It does a great job in providing an interesting repairing experiencing along with additional shops and experiences. The overall gloomy setting is undoubtedly unsettling, but the games barely does anything to add life to itself. Flooded with performance issue, the game is a good college project, but an average game at best.
Total Score
  • Mechanics and Features
    75/100 Very good
  • Graphics and Visuals
    50/100 Neutral
  • Performance and Feel
    60/100 Normal
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