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Brilliant Game Studios has announced that its open-world first-person co-op RPG, The Black Masses, has been delayed until Summer 2019. The devs also announced that a free alpha demo will be released before the new Early Access release date so that the community will have a chance to try and test the game in its current state and give feedback.

About the game

The Black Masses is an open world first-person fantasy co-op RPG. The Black Masses features our next generation of crowd rendering technology rebuilt from Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. Explore a 16 square kilometre island populated by hundreds of thousands of possessed inhabitants. Escape the hordes by traversing buildings and obstacles with our parkour system, or face them head on with powerful abilities and immersive first-person combat.

When calamity strikes you find yourself stranded on an island corrupted by a strange antediluvian substance. Its unsuspecting inhabitants, once a strong flourishing society, have been possessed and turned into mindless creatures, bent on the destruction of life. Finding the favour of a mysterious stranger, attempt to cleanse the land from its demonic possession, if such a task remains possible. Armed with what little hope you have, find your way through this land, and try to overcome the terror of The Black Masses

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