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Cities Skylines is now officially available for purchase on the PlayStation 4. If you’re one of the folks who don’t have a PC, yet want to catch on the fun of designing a city from scratch, then you’re in luck.

Cities Skylines is a city-building game, where you manage all aspects of a city, starting from allocation of zones for residences, shops and industries to water and power supply as well as good drainage facilities for removing excess sewage. How you choose to design your city is entirely upto you – you can be the rich governor with plenty of upscale businesses in town providing jobs for your white collar workers, the poor governor looking at hordes of low end housing with blue collar workers sledging for the majority of the day in the industries, the caring governor donating his salary and cycling to work, with all citizens being happy and prosperous, or a governor overlooking the construction of his new villa, as disaster affects the city. The game allows you freedom as a city builder as never done before, now with refined graphics and more tools for customization.


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