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Paradox Interactive have officially made the announcement that their popular city builder have officially reached a milestone of 6 million sold copies till date. The game released in 2015 on March 10, and have come through a journey of 4 years. The announcement does come with some statistics, nothing which is really enough to identify the sales ratio of the game on the various platforms it has released on.

The statistics released by Paradox include :-

  • Total playtime: 16,938,045 days
  • Total population: 2,185,317,000,000 (Holy reproduction, mayors – that’s over two trillion people! Earth, on the other hand, has a measly eight billion at best.)
  • Cities built: 39,733,045
  • Unpopular mayors: 1,911,067
  • Paradox Plazas built: 7,007,128
  • Most popular building: Wind turbine
  • Mods created by the community: 175,970

The wind turbine makes sense, since people love cutting down on pollution and unhappiness by using less thermal power plants and more green energy, which also keeps the budget in check.

                              Today also marks the official fourth launch anniversary for Cities Skylines, and Paradox Interactive is eager to give back to the community. Players can share their very own Chirper designs on various Cities Skylines social media channels – the best one makes it into the game, and is on the house for everyone. Leading streamers will also be giving away DLC keys for Cities Skylines. For the ignoramuses, the Chirper is the in-game social media designed to house the citizen’s thoughts while they settle in, which can be used to monitor the various problems in the city that need to be fixed.

                                                                                                          “When we first launched Cities: Skylines, we knew it was special, but we never dreamed how far players would take it,” said Sandra Neudinger, Cities: Skylines Product Manager at Paradox Interactive. “The community is the heart and soul of the game – we’re just here to give them the tools they want and need to make it their own,” added Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of Colossal Order.

                     Launched at a time the latest iteration of SimCity had become a disappointment for the masses interested in city-building games, the game managed to have attracted quite a crowd as the ‘SimCity clone’ that managed to deliver in terms of game mechanics. Despite an overall loss in popularity of the city-building genre, the game managed to stay strong, which is seen in the numbers unveiled by Paradox today.

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