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This massive online sandbox RPG features elements of magic, spellcasting, building, exploring and crafting. As a newly minted apprentice of the magic arts, you will set off to the dangerous world of Ignus. Tame mighty beasts, forge alliances, explore uncharted territories or fight for dominance! But does it stand the test of the Noobreview. Let’s find out.

Citadel Forged With Fire is an MMORPG meets sandbox game developed and published by Blue Isle Studios and was released on the PC on 26th July 2017.

Citadel Forged With Fire


Story & Narrative

A magical realm with a promise of wonder and glory is what this game and its developers wanted the players to feel. While the realm of  Ignus is much like that of Skyrim but on a closer inspection, you will find yourself running in the forest collecting herbs and crystals like a little girl scout. The onset of the game you may find yourself being forged in a volcano (did not saw that coming) among all other friendly dragons (yay) which is one of the three spawn points in the game. Another reason why this game is different from other MMORPG is an absolute lack of any quests or interactive NPC (yup only life/team goals here).

Gameplay & Mechanics

As sandbox MMO’s go this one can be considered a very well balanced and pretty ambitious game in consideration of the minimum graphic details to a well-considered hunting and gathering system. The game introduces the player as a  naked wizard with limited crafting abilities and all you have to do to advance further, i.e., to earn XP all you have to do is collect crafting materials. Again the XP gained or even the amount of material collected depends upon the specific multiplier of the server. The fact that each game can have a different amount of multiplier gives the creators to balance or increase difficulty on their own behalf which is followed by other users as well. While the overall mechanics work fine, in the beginning, they can be found to a bit lacking even taxing on both the network and the system. Even combat AI is immensely affected by this as it can be found gone running in one direction and then attacks randomly(teleportation) from the opposite direction it was last seen.

The combat mechanics can be  found to be very similar to be that of PUBG in terms of ranged spells and what not what steals the show in combat was cool combinations you could throw, I used to fly on a stick (Harry Potter) and hit the enemy with a few heavy spells and them swoop down to take them out with a cool melee sequence (feels like America). What can be said to be the centre or focal point of the whole game can be said to be the whole structure building and team building experience which can be experienced in the game when you see other player’s structure or huts which at start makes you feel humble but is an actual necessity and can be said to be the main objective is to create a Citadel (didn’t saw that coming too). The enemy NPC can be the only laggy or pretty buggy though they include a wide variety of Ignusians or Ignite monsters and orcs which move fast and systematically only to be slaughtered by equally rabid and random attacks by the player. The fun begins when YOU create a team up and then smash up some real high-level monsters. Travelling system is also a bit funny when you get a hold of it in the game (Ride a dragon/rock lizard/bear).


So far the only thing that felt amiss for me as a player was lack of other players as the game is an MMO relies much on the user to create content or run the map by creating a guild or an evil dominion.

With a whooping player base of 40, it’s not really an MMO, more like 40MO. Which is a travesty, because this game should have more followers, should have more players, and they should have way more fun.


The game still being in beta stage things will definitely improve till launch. This game truly creates something like Minecraft in graphics and surrounding like Skyrim which I truly did not see coming .:-)

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