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When you’re gaming, you need the best quality peripherals at the most affordable prices to improve the experience – making every moment spent in front of the computer totally worth it. Doing good in competitive gaming requires a combination of game sense as well as decent peripherals and hardware and their mastery. If you’re looking for a decent keyboard, look no further. The Circle Gaming Squadron MX keyboard is here,and if you need a better reason to buy it – it is an RGB keyboard.

The Squadron MX keyboard features Cherry MX Black or Brown switches which are different from the standard Cherry MX Blue or Red switches used in the wide range of mechanical keyboards available in India. The switches are RGB lit – making the keyboard shine in all the major colors and their shades.

To get one for yourself, order from the LXG online store. The Squadron MX has a pretty decent launch price of 6500 INR, which means that one does not have to break the bank to get a decent RGB mechanical keyboard. (Use coupon code ‘Indiannoob’ for additional discount!)


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