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Aliens have invaded the earth. A threat humans are not ready for, and will have to rely on their last resort. Chenso Club is not a group of superstars posing for the cameras. Well. They actually end up doing that too. But! the point here is, Chenso Club is a group of extraordinary girls ready to annihilate aliens from the face of this world. Will you choose to be an Android with a chainsaw or an adorable witch who is a hobbyist for summoning the biggest evils from the underworld? The choice is yours.

Chenso club is out now for the PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox. The game is developed by Pixadome and co-published by Aurora Punks and Curve Games. Are you ready to take on the fleet of Aliens and live upon their own life force? Then Chenso Club awaits you. 

Apply Make Up with Blood

Chenso Club goes beyond being a side-scroller game. It is a hardcore, gore and adorable game at the same time. Now I do understand that gore and adorable should not be present in the same statement. But it is one of the tactics the alien’s dome to get you. DO NOT. Do not fall for their big eyes and a little face, because as soon as you go near them, they will sh*t on you. What a hilarious review, no? But TRUST ME. That happens. No cap. 

Chenso Club

Pixel art games always have a common feature to offer – Chaos. Maps are often flooded with bullets, enemies and hazards. And the window to dodge is extremely short. Miss the opportunity? You will be punished harshly. Such are the extremes and thrill of Pixel art games.

Chenso Club perfectly carries on the legacy and chaos of a fast-paced hack-and-slash game. The game is themed to be a roguelike experience, but you will enjoy the linear story progression, as you explore more levels and unlock more stars for the club.

Chenso Club

You play as Blue, an Andriod armed with a chainsaw. Your first task involves rescuing another member of the club – Carmine. Carmine is stuck in a castle invaded by Aliens. Having an iconic setting is the perfect start for you to get a grip on the game.

The invading race has a strange lifeforce, that can be harnessed when killed. This gives the chenso club more power to deal damage and use various special abilities and perks. You may even choose to shop with your blood to equip ultimates and passive abilities.

But what is their true origin? Why have they come to earth? Will humanity be able to protect its species or get overwhelmed by the race that only knows how to kill? The fate lies in the hands of the Chenso Club.

Chaos. Bliss. Blood.

Chenso Club offers a very dynamic and fast-paced combat environment. This allows players to push forward with the speed of their thinking to better increase their chances of survivability. Aggressive playstyle rewards with faster cleanup of the map but often leaves you open to enemy attacks. Playing more defensively will also after a time overwhelm you. Finding the perfect balance of aggression and pace is the key to overcoming all odds

Chenso Club

Your attacks are based on the character you choose, each having its own perks and skills. You can utilize multiple combos to better suit your playstyle and approach to an enemy. Performing a slide attack will help you do a fast sweep sending you across the map, while an uppercut will help you gain height and deflect bullets. Choosing the correct attack style for each enemy and map situation is essential in the game.

Secondary abilities and Ultimates will often shape the playstyle and outcome of the situation. You can have multiple drones giving you firepower, or a protective shield, that regenerates after some time. This extra support drastically improves the odds of your survival and helps you annihilate the battlefield.

Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

Chenso Clubs is remarkable in terms of the gore design. The game does not feel the need to tone down the use of blood at all. You will experience chopping down enemies with a chainsaw to find a secret level with a mixer to make a blood smoothie. The overall content offered in the game speaks for itself, and the progressive style to find more playable characters with a different playstyle adds a fitting mood to the setting of each level.

The character and level design will give direct feedback of being made with love and care. Each enemy character if looked closely enough has a unique animation style. The opportunity of having aliens as enemies is often underutilized by a limited style of species. But here, you will see orbs dividing themselves, cute aliens taking a sh*t on you, will-o-wisps surrounding themselves with fire and much more. Better yet, you might be even chased down by a mammoth. Why? Why not.

Chenso club always allows the user to be hooked to the game. Each level is uniquely designed and barely feels repetitive even if the enemies are used again from previous levels. Each enemy has their own attacking pattern and hence there is a constant challenge to learn and adapt. This challenge becomes chaos when these enemies choose to go with everything, everywhere, all at once.

To add the cherry on top, there is an option to play the game co-op which adds more fun and doubles the amount of chaos and madness. Go, team!


Chenso Club is a fast-paced, pixel-based, hack-and-slash, roguelike adventure. You get to choose multiple playable characters (after you unlock them) with different stats and perks. Utilizing the lifeforce, you get to unlock passive and ultimate abilities increasing your chances of surviving. Overall, you’re in for the most badass pixel adventure you can embark upon this year.

The story might not have enough depth or interest you enough, but the ending might be worth the wait. Backed with a badass and aggressive score, the entire game flow becomes a brilliant hack-and-slash experience.

Final Rating: Essential

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