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Chants of Sennaar, simply put, is a puzzle game that lets you explore and learn languages through – situations, expressions and repetitions. Created by Rundisc and published by Focus Entertainment, you can play this adventure puzzle indie game on PC, PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. And with that, let’s dive into our Review for Chants of Sennaar.

The Divided Tower

Chants of Sennaar is a very creatively thought adventure game that replaces the idea of the puzzle with a language that is unknown to you. You travel across the Tower inspired by the writings of Babel, but you act as a pathway to be the sole connection between all parts of the Tower. Because of the language barrier, the five major sections of the people no longer understand each other.

Chants of Sennaar Review

But being the sole spark of hope, you start anew, understanding and solving the trouble people face, hoping to find a way to the top of the Tower. All you have for yourself is a pencil and a notebook. Enough to keep track of 5 languages, right?

You must uncover the myth and shocking truth the Tower has guarded for a long time by talking to people, understanding their expressions and finally validating them with illustrations and notes.

The Sole Problem and Solution

Chants of Sennar, for me, is less adventure and more puzzle. Understanding people’s language and uniting them together to achieve common goals sounds brilliant but may be problematic for people who still need to explore the genre. But for fans who love puzzles, you will not want to take your eyes off this for a while. 

If you correctly figure out the words you’re looking for, the game validates you immediately. The game’s foolproof design ensures you don’t use trial and error to ease your way out. Collecting origin and hoping that someone mentions the rune you want to explore is crucial. So, continue talking to people. Make sure to analyse every storyboard, shop sign, direction post and possibly everything with language carved onto it. 

Chants of Sennaar Review

Apart from the core of figuring out every language spoken in the Tower, you will often practice lurking in the shadows, out of sight. People don’t know outsiders for a long time and don’t take well to anyone they don’t know about. Although effortlessly accessible, it successfully breaks the flow of mindlessly walking through different parts of the Tower searching for clues. You’ll also be able to interact and solve puzzles to obtain essential items and access hidden areas. But how will you solve puzzles if you can’t read the clues? Well, go learn how to read.

The Art of Sennaar

Chants of Sennaar feels like going back to art classes and learning 2-point / 3-point perspectives. The unique colour palettes that give the game its personality and style across the five sections are spectacular and exceptional for an indie game. But Rundisc did not stop there. The background score for each level, scenario and especially during the end game, has been goosebumps. Music is always isolated to shine since the game is all text and no voice. Together, Chants of Sennaar isn’t just a game but a beautiful blend of the three most important pillars that make any game one for the books.

Although the game’s length is shorter, be prepared to spend endless hours gazing into each location’s distant arts or intricate textures and designs. I struggled to navigate, but each site had its personality with enough content to separate it from others.


Chants of Sennaar is a beautifully crafted adventure-puzzle indie game with a captivating art style, soulful soundtrack and core puzzle-solving experience that rewards every effort. Although it may lack a few hints and helps players new to the genre, it is easier to track and progress if you spend enough time. For everyone interested in puzzle or indie games, we highly recommend Chants of Sennaar as your next pick.

Final Rating: 85/100

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