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Halloween has arrived in ATOM RPG. This spooky festive season, from October 28th, ‘till November 1st, you will have a chance to encounter enemies with unique pumpkin helmets, or battle endless waves of bloodthirsty mutant freaks that crave for your succulent flesh in post-apocalyptic USSR. Characters above lvl 10 can get in on this All Hallow’s Eve encounter.

While the devs hope that you’ll enjoy this spooktacular festive addition, they also get how weird Halloween themed events look in a game about former USSR, where no such holiday ever existed. If this content ruins your immersion, you can turn it off in the main menu.

Also, they have added an option that makes informational pop-ups appear above the character’s head. It is off by default, but you can turn it on in the options menu. Plus, you can grab ATOM RPG right now for a low price of  335, thanks to STEAM’s Halloween sale.

The horrifying changelog of doom and devilry:

  • Fixed a ghastly bug which allowed characters to phase through trucks and carts;
  • Dzhulbars got an armor fix to stand a better chance against blood-starved beasts;
  • Wind now moves grass and other plants bug-free and with deadly precision;
  • Artemyev’s dialogue fixed;
  • Skill points can now be added en masse by holding the left mouse button on “+” on the character screen;
  • The Woodpecker’s quest ending fixed;
  • Lesser bugs obliterated;
  • Newly discovered typos and translation errors snuffed out;
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