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“2015, *Sigh*, another Call of Duty this year is imminent.” This is what I think as the clock strikes 12 on the New Year’s eve (Well not really). But the Call of Duty series has become infamous for releasing a game every damn year. And on top of that, every year it is everywhere in the list of most aniticipated games. But this year with Black Ops 3 scheduled for release I’m surprised that it is not there on the top or anywhere near the top on many of the popular sites. We have to agree that COD keeps the premise sharp and simple but come on, we don’t want the same story with different characters.


Every year people ask me whether the latest version of Call of Duty will work on their PC or not, but this year I can’t notice people bothering with COD. Everybody knows that COD Black Ops 3 is coming but not many people are actually talking about it. The general fanbase of the franchise has been dwindling for the past 2-3 years, yet it remains one of the bestselling games every year.¬†But recently the franchise has been getting notorious because the online players are abusing people and targetting specifically noobs. It’s rather sad to see a game being ridiculed by it’s own fanbase in such a way.

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As for the critics its not surprising to see that top sites like GameSpot and Game Rant’s did not even mention Black Ops 3 in their most anticipated list. Rather indie games like Firewatch have taken the spotlight which is actually a good thing. Critics have stated that Call of Duty is now just a brand name and needs a break to get back into spotlight.


Many people are going in for unconventional shooters like Team Fortress 2 or Hawken which have awesome gameplay and have great multiplayers. There are also games like Blacklight: Retribution which give you the COD like feel. These games are free on steam and are easily accessible because they do not have security issues like the DRM games. So unless the Call of Duty series gets a break or does something extremely innovating, the series’ future is in jeopardy.

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What do you think about Black Ops 3? Are you excited about the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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