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Bright Memory Infinite is a fast-paced hack ‘n’ slash / shooting Linear game developed by FYQD-Studio. The title is a successor of a very famous solo endeavour of Bright Memory which was soon supported and backed by different studios. While the game will impress you with its graphics, lighting and colour grading, the game lacks at developing a storyline and delivering a gun/sword mechanic that could’ve been enjoyable.

Bright Memory Infinite

Bright Memory: Infinite Bikini DLC only for 85 INR

The game is relatively priced cheaper than most of the game releases these days. While I was happy with the pricing before I played the game, my mindset was pretty skeptical after I was done with it. For an experience that on paper is around 4 hours, it took me only 2.15 hours.

And I have no shame to accept the fact that I don’t even remember the protagonist’s name, or the organization she was working for and neither the people she was picking a fight with. And this is majorly due to the fact that the game clearly failed to build a base upon which the events took place and a lack of good narration.

During a phase of the game, the time glitches and all of a sudden, you’re fighting samurais with shields. After you’re done with them, the chief that you’re in contact with does not give any attention or any information on the fact of what just happened. The game just progresses – you find 6 different weapons to use back and forth – you shoot bullet sponge enemies – Repeat.

Oh yes, as for the skin, the game is First Person.

Bright Memory Infinite

But it Looks Great!

While there is no denying the fact that the game looks insane, and is fun while you’re putting down sword combos in air, there is an undeniable fact that I don’t see a lot of improvements from the original Bright Memory. The HUD, and primary AR still looks the same, there is better colour grading and relevant hardware support to unleash Ray Tracing and more graphic options. Even if you’re rocking the game on a budget hardware/ Gaming Laptop, it suffers jitters back and forth and might look clunky at times.

Bright Memory Infinite

The play style looks heavily inspired by the game ‘Ghostrunner’ and the mechanics are somewhat similar for the Exo Suit. However, there is a limitation on using the sword as it requires time to recharge, forcing you to utilize your weapons. This creates a problem since the game forces you to equally utilize both the weaponry and Exo suit. The weapons, on the other hand, are clunky and deliver low damage that again turns the enemy into a bullet sponge.

Clearly, the blend could have been utilized more efficiently if the platforming was present in combat areas other than being only present while traversing.

It’s all about Putting Things Together

Bright Memory: Infinite is a beautiful looking game, with futuristic HUD and equipment. The upgrade system offers nice upgrades to your equipment allowing you to finish your enemies with different abilities. The game takes a heavy hit in blending things together. The guns and Exo suit are quite different and not complementary, making them tedious to use together. The platforming is not quite good in combat areas, making the use of parkour just a means of traversing. The storyline is just for the namesake, and the enemy AI performs poorly at times.

Bright Memory: Infinite is phenomenal looking game, with not so phenomenal game mechanics.

With that, we thank the publishers for letting us review the game. Bright Memory Infinite is now available on Steam at very attractive pricing.

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