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Breach, Co-op Game From Bioware Devs, Coming To Early Access This Month

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Breach is finally coming out on Steam, as a Reset Era user posts. “QC Games just announced that their first game, Breach, will be coming to Steam Early Access later this month. If you have never heard of either, the team consists of many senior veterans of BioWare Austin (like Gabe Amatangelo, Dallas Dickinson or Cory Butler), where they worked on Star Wars The Old Republic and the cancelled Shadow Realms (which is especially relevant).”, he further adds.

In Breach, Modern Earth and Mythological Earth collide in a third person action RPG with fast-paced combat. Players can create their own character and choose from dozens of classes. They can take their character on missions across the globe in Solo, Co-op, or Versus modes. Loot new gear, earn new classes, and endlessly customize their character to find their own unique playstyle and look. Every session is different with an all new kind of enemy, the Veil Demon.

The game’s Alpha testing has been going on for about a couple of months, and has got pretty positive reception from the community. It’ll be interesting to see how the Early Access Release pans out as more players will join the game after that.

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