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It was Steam who decided to start the idea of game gifting, one of the best features to hit the Steam store (because let’s face it, what can be better than gifting games?) Then it was Origin who implemented that, for the gifting for EA (and a few other non-EA titles) on their platform. Blizzard joins EA and Valve now, for the Blizzard App now supports gifting – of all Blizzard games and in-game items.

You can gift hero bundles for your brother to improve his gameplay in Heroes of the Storm, or you can gift your friend a few Hearthstone packs so that he can forge that perfect deck and start working on the path to legend rank. And if you’re thinking about the perfect birthday gift, why not StarCraft 2, Overwatch, Diablo 3 or Destiny 2 for a loved one? Or if they are more into retro gaming, StarCraft Remastered, or WarCraft 3 Remastered (yes, it is here, Blizzard snuck it in stealthily without writing about it in the patch notes)

That is certainly a positive move by Blizzard, and can be appreciated. How excited are you guys about the new gifting system? Let us know in the comments below.

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