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If you are into PC gaming, then you would definitely have heard about Zowie. It manufactures monitors and other gaming gears for professional E-Sports players by taking feedback from the professional players. Each and every product that the brand makes goes through rigorous research, development, and testing. Only the approved products are released in the market post the highest level of quality checks. Hence, each product that they come out with needs special attention. XL2746s is no different. This 240Hz Gaming monitor provides features to the gamers that can help them up-their-game.

240Hz refresh rate should ensure that everything feels buttery-smooth and super responsive, but you’ll require hardware that can output a consistent 240FPS or more to really take full advantage of it. However, seeing as this is a 1,920 x 1,080-pixel screen, that’s not entirely out of question for the more powerful graphics cards on the market.

Below are the features that are worth mentioning.

Zowie’s own Dynamic Accuracy+ (DyAc+) Technology

The “DyAc” function that reduces motion blur has also been upgraded to “DyAc+”, which is optimized for a 0.5ms panel and can reduce intense action effects in the game. The TN Panel of XL2746s supports DyAc+ technology that makes fast-paced action scenes look less blurry (keep in mind that this cannot co-exist with FreeSync/Adaptive-Sync). This is done without overexposing bright areas, so you’ll be able to spot enemies lurking around, so you can get the drop on them first.

DyAc gives you recoil control and sprays control by reducing motion blur that is generally witnessed in LCD Technology. It reduces vigorous screen shaking in-game. Perhaps the difference is minimal and varies from person to person but the difference in the arena is often than 1%. This is achieved by turning the backlight of the panel on and then switched off at a fixed point. This helps to avoid unwanted afterimages as there is no residual light from a previously fixed point. Hence, you do not see a lingering image (motion blur) because there is no light beam passing through more than one point at a time.

This feature is really handy in fast game movements. Thus, now you can have a better spray control and recoil control on your game, thereby giving you an edge on for the same.

See the real game

The most important part is taking a lead in games is to see what exactly is happening in the game. XL2746s enhances the scenes so that you can see your enemies immediately and take a lead. Every second count in a game and a split second can make a huge difference.

Black Equalizer in the monitor enhances visibility in dark scenes. With this, you can identify the enemy that is hidden in the dark areas of the screen. That is the easiest spot to hide but with this feature, you can easily identify the enemy and shoot them.

Color Vibrance adjusts color vividness to make scenes more defined in terms of visibility and to improve searchability. The camouflaged enemies can also be identified with this feature because similar colors will have different color contrast and thus, the enemy will be visible.

Swift switch between profiles

XL2746s comes with S-Switch to activate appropriate gaming settings/profiles quickly. Up to three profiles can be saved for different games and scenes.

You can switch through multiple preset game modes to find one that’s ideal for your current game. Each one is specifically optimized for a certain genre – FPS (First Person Shooting), RTS/MOBA.

Connectivity and Ergonomic features

The monitor has a matte black plastic single-stage bezel, whilst the stand combines red and black plastic plus powder-coated metal elements. Ports available in XL2746s are – 1 X DVI-DL, 2 X HDMI, 1 X DP, USB hub. It also has Headphone Jack and Mic Jack to get immersed in the game with not just visuals but also audio.

Gaming tournaments go on for long hours. Thus, the monitor needs to be ergonomically suitable for the games. It comes with various ergonomic features like swivel (45 degree/45 degrees), tilt (-5 degree down/20 degree up), pivot (90 degrees), and height-adjustable stand (140mm). A gamer can keep a tab on these settings and switch to them that he or she feels the most comfortable in.

All the professional gamers, are you listening? This is the right tool to take to a tournament. Its special features like 240Hz refresh rate, color vibrance, black equalizer make it the right choice for a gaming monitor for tournaments of E-Sports like CS GO and DOTA 2. These gears are developed with the professionals for the professionals.

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