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If getting into huge mechs and ruining havoc is your thing, then Battletech is definitely something you should check out. Check out the intro cinematic now to figure out whether it fits your taste or not.

The year is 3025 and the galaxy is trapped in a cycle of perpetual war, fought by noble houses with enormous, mechanized combat vehicles called BattleMechs. Take command of your own mercenary outfit of ‘Mechs and the MechWarriors that pilot them, struggling to stay afloat as you find yourself drawn into a brutal interstellar civil war. Upgrade your starfaring base of operations, negotiate mercenary contracts with feudal lords, repair and maintain your stable of aging BattleMechs, and execute devastating combat tactics to defeat your enemies on the battlefield.

BATTLETECH, the first turn-based tactical Mech combat PC game in over 20 years, will be available on April 24.

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